Guest Post: Tips on Gift Buying For Your Loved Ones

There are a number of occasions in life that will require a person to buy a gift for another. Finding the right gifts can be a lot easier said than done. Getting the right gifts chosen can be an extensive process, but it is more than worth it when you get to see the look […]

Guest Post: The Pros & Cons to Boat Weddings

Weddings can be an awful lot of fuss, stress and expenses on all sides – but if you want to make your efforts and money invested in a pitch-perfect ceremony to truly prove efficient and rewarding, you’d better think of an original venue that goes beyond mere restaurant and church arrangements. Though I’m not a […]

Real Florida Engagement: Stephanie & Aaron

It’s amazing what can transpire from a simple glance. When Aaron saw Stephanie on the playing field at a kickball game, he gave her “the look” and it was that moment as Stephanie’s eyes met his that a life changing romance sparked! Fine art wedding photographer, Tiffany Johnson said, “We started off with a simple […]

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Last Minute Wedding

Some brides spend a year or more planning their wedding. If you can’t wait that long, though, you have a great many things to start planning. There is no need to panic. Planning a last minute wedding is possible if you are willing to compromise. If you only have a few weeks before your wedding, […]

Three Reasons Why One Honeymoon Isn’t Enough!

Although it might be the case that the number of couples who are getting married is decreasing, millions of us are still proud to say our vows and get married. Getting married is an experience that should stay with you for the rest of your life, but it’s important to do what you can to […]

Cookie Decorating Party!

I love the idea of a girls night out and having a little sugar and wine involved! Desiree Hartsock, one of my favorite Bachelorette alums recently celebrated her bridal shower with a sugar cookie decorating party. She shared the party photos with along with a awesome sugar cookie recipe from her favorite bakery in […]

Amazing Wedding Destinations in Australia

Being one of unforgettable moments in life, planning a good wedding for your bride is one of the most challenging aspects. However, various wedding destinations in Australia that can cater for such events have been established. Some of the most spectacular wedding destinations in Australia that can cater for both local and international weddings have […]

Wedding Ring Engravings

There are many reasons to have your jewelry engraved. One thing many people are doing is having their wedding rings engraved. There are a few different reasons to have your wedding ring engraved. All of these reasons are significant and had to the love story that you share between you and your significant other. They can […]

Guest Post: The Most Common Reasons Why Your Wedding Guests are Unhappy

Your wedding day is all about you and your spouse, right? Unfortunately, even though the day is centered on you, there are a lot of other people that you need to please on your wedding day. A wedding is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate, and you want to ensure […]

New Styles by Dessy

The Dessy Group’s Spring 2014 look book came out recently and I’m loving the new styles they have available for bridesmaid’s. I’m so glad the days of ugly bridesmaid’s dresses are gone (i.e. the movie 27 dresses) and its all about dressing our favorite girlfriends in dresses that will flatter them! Here are a few […]

Love Tokens: Gifts For Your Groom

As the big day approaches, you may want to get your man a little something, whether as a wedding gift or just to tell him that you love him. It is the thought that counts, especially when you are just beginning a life together. A gift for your groom should reflect what you are going […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recently I stumbled across a fantastic blog called Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, a family-friendly food blog that makes everything from scratch! I’m so in love with this blog and when I found the recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches I had to share it with you. I haven’t had the chance to make […]

Strawberry Omelet Recipe

I never would have thought to add strawberries to an omelet, but the other day I was able to catch Giada at Home and now I’m thinking what else can I add my favorite fruit too? Omelet with Strawberries Recipe courtesy Giada De Laurentiis Ingredients Strawberries: 7 to 8 medium strawberries, hulled and thinly sliced […]

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