Engagement Rings- Why you should choose the Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut is a popular diamond shape that is enjoying popularity among brides and famous celebrities. Its large and open facets bring out the clarity and color of this romantic antique cut. Cushion diamonds look brilliant within a halo or on their own. Cushion cut diamonds are top choices for both vintage and modern […]

5 Important Considerations for Your Wedding Cake Selection

Cake shops seem to be popping up at every street corner these days. They give plenty of options to people looking to buy wedding cakes, but before you can make a choice on a cake, you need to check on several things as follows: 1. Taste –Buying a cake without tasting it is not a […]

Say “I Do” To All These Quirky Wedding Ideas

So, you want your wedding to be a little different than all the rest? Sure, that’s totally understandable. After all, we’re not all traditional and dream of a white wedding! Ready for something totally unique and personal to you and your partner? How about saying “I do” to one of these awesome and very quirky […]

7 Pro-tips for Finding Wedding Bands You’ll Both Love

Not long after a couple gets engaged, they will start planning the wedding. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that there are plenty of arrangements that need to be made. One very important detail that needs to be handled is buying the wedding rings. The rings are a very important part of the […]

5 Bathrooms Areas That Must Be Cleaned on a Regular Basis

A daily quick clean is usually what most of us are used to when it comes to cleaning bathrooms. But whether we like it or not, the bathroom is the one place in your home that requires thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Bathrooms are one of the areas in your home that get dirt […]

4 Things You Can’t Afford To Forget When Wedding Planning

We all know that wedding planning can be extremely tough and tiring. There’s so much to think about, it’s almost inevitable that things can slip through the cracks. As such, I’ve put together this little list of things you can’t afford to forget when planning your special day. Read over them, remember them, and don’t […]

6 popular travel destinations in Asia for 2017

Preparing for your next vacation is an exciting endeavor, especially if you are going somewhere special. If you are planning the trip of a lifetime, consider visiting Asia as it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Known for extraordinary beauty, Asia is a great place to go if you want […]

Making Your Wedding Unforgettable (For The Right Reasons)

Everybody wants their wedding to be unforgettable but you certainly want it to be unforgettable for the right reasons. You have to work hard if you want to make sure your friends, family, and all other loved ones remember your wedding because it was a beautiful day and not because the bridesmaids were wearing dresses […]

4 RC Toys to Keep Your Kids Occupied at a Wedding

Weddings are beautiful, elegant events where adults enjoy good food and company. But kids don’t usually enjoy the event, and if the host doesn’t organize special activities for them, they’ll get bored. They may get some fun if there are other children around that can become temporary play companions, but this is not always the […]

Creating The Perfect Summer Wedding

Image Summer weddings are probably the most popular apart from those at Christmas. Summer provides beautiful weather, stunning flowers, and bright colors schemes make having a summer wedding a huge draw for people all over the world. But how can you make your summer wedding perfect? Adding those extra details and your own creative flair […]

Nontraditional Wedding Photos To Make Your Day Different

Wedding photos are the physical reminder of one of the best days of your life, and so they should be special. However you choose to commemorate your big day, it’ll hold a good memory for you, and if it comes to showing the kids, you can make them seriously fun to look back on. A […]

4 Ways That Hiring A Live Band Can Enhance Your Wedding Music

Music is life; isn’t that why our hearts have beats? A wedding reception simply cannot be successful without proper music. Therefore, if you are planning to have a particular theme for your wedding ceremony, it is essential for you to hire the services of a wedding band that accentuate the visual elements of the theme, […]

Why Some Brides Look Gorgeous in Their Bridal Gowns and Others Don’t

A wedding day is quite a magical day for most brides and grooms. One of the things that you want to ensure you get right is the gown that you buy since it will be one of the key focus points on your wedding day. If you want to dazzle on your wedding day, here […]

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