5 Tips on how to select your wedding dress

Walking down the aisle is a once in a lifetime experience. Getting married marks a new chapter in your life and that means it deserves a celebration. You will be the focus of attention on that day so it is important to give high priority to what you are going to wear. Nevertheless, choosing the […]

What Every Woman Should Be Wearing In 2017

Photo by quinntheislander, CC0 1.0 2017 is going to be the year for a lot of you out there. You’ve made the changes you want to see in your life and are well on your way to finding the best version of yourself. However, there’s one big thing that needs an update in 2017 – […]

Finding Mother of the Bride Outfits for a Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are wonderful. They make it easy to create an occasion with a strong theme. The key to making sure that the photos and videos look great is getting everyone involved in following the theme. It is particularly important that the mother of the bride´s outfit complements the look you are trying to achieve. […]

One-Of-A-Kind Evening Dresses For The Red Carpet

Have you ever attended an event and found yourself wearing the same dress as someone else? Although this means you and the other woman have the same great taste, it may make you feel like you aren’t special or stylish in your own way. Especially if you’re going to a formal event, you want to […]

Diamond Bridal Gallery Celebrates At The DB Show

Diamond Bridal Gallery was thrilled to be a part of the Dream Bridal Show in Sacramento on March 26! We had so much fun with other members of the bridal community in the area, and the show was a marvelous success! Everything that brides, couples, and planners need to create the perfect event was localized […]

How to wear a suit without a tie

Wearing a tie each time you are pulling over a suit is old-school now. Men are going for new styling options. Now, your father will argue that wearing a suit without a tie is actually not wearing a suit at all. But you got to tell him that today you can suit up casual. If […]

4 Wedding Dress Designs Trending in Singapore

Wedding is the best day of every girl’s life and this is the special moment when you would like to look your best. Keeping this requirement of the brides in mind, the designers in Singapore have come up with a huge variety of wedding dresses to give the girls their desired look for the day. […]

Summer Outfits For Girls – Essential Tips To Follow

With the sun shining brighter and temperature soaring higher by the day, there is a clear indication for the summer’s arrival. Monsoons are far away to give us some relief from the scorching heat. But, this is what the climatic conditions are all about. You must learn to adapt to the changes for making a […]

Guest Post: There Is More To The Jewelry You Wear

https://www.pexels.com/photo/girl-fashion-hands-rings-24155/ Even before, people all over the world have worn different types of jewelry throughout history. Some jewelry contains large precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires inlaid in precious metal. Jewelry is not a primary need for humans. However, many spend much money on it. The principal purpose of why most women wear different […]

The New Rules for Wearing a Bikini You Must Know for your Honeymoon

After all the stress of planning your wedding, it’s not good if you are stressing out about packing for your honeymoon. Since so many couples opt to go somewhere warm, you will have to choose the right bathing suit. This alone can cause nightmares. There’s no reason to stress, though. You should pack a great […]

Six Shades that Make a Bridal Nightwear Look Bold and Beautiful

Does a secret blush grow on your face when you and your would-be husband discuss your wedding night? You both have longed for this union and you wish everything would just fit perfect as planned. The first night as man and wife is so special for both of you that you wish to etch the […]

Buying Engagement Rings Safely Online

Image by Thomas Gear via Flickr Increasingly all over the world, not just in New Zealand, people are becoming more comfortable with purchasing goods online, including engagement rings. As shopping becomes a lot easier online, the dangers that are related with this also increase. It is not all doom and gloom though as you can […]

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

Image by amesis via Flickr If you already have a feeling you want to get down on your knee and ask for her hand – congratulations! – You’re one of the lucky people who’ve found the one! Here comes the next step of this fun and challenging journey, finding her a wonderful engagement ring. You […]

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