How To Choose A Trendy Wedding Outfit

Luxury fashion online Clothes that were trending yesterday are no longer in the markets, as styles are becoming better and better daily. Thus, you have to keep on watch not to be left out. For instance today new designers have emerged and are sweeping the markets. Have you had a taste of the designs from […]

Reasons Why Socks Go Beyond Being Just Fashion Accessories

Fashion trends often start with the accessories. Socks and sandals seem to be the latest fashion trend that is slowly but surely gaining traction. The amazing pairing of sandals and socks has taken the fashion scenario for young girls, to a whole new level. This trend was very much in vogue in the catwalks and […]

Creating a Custom Engagement Ring Can be Affordable

Few purchases in life compare to the sentimental value of buying an engagement ring. With weddings trending toward complete customization, it is no surprise that many brides-to-be want a ring that is unlike any other. Instead of purchasing a ring that is mass produced, consider creating a custom ring to show off your unique style. […]

Diamonds Aren’t Your Only Friends

Diamonds are beautiful, yet unbreakable. Perhaps this is why they are a popular choice for engagement rings; the best symbol of your relationship with your (hopefully) future spouse. However, it wasn’t always this poetic. Although the aristocracy have been using diamond engagement rings in 1447 – when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very […]

Sharp Style: The Groom’s Essential Guide To Looking Dapper On His Wedding Day

Flickr Weddings are times of immense excitement, immense stress, immense emotional attachment, and almost every other adjective you could choose. Life events of this enormity and beauty rarely elicit a tepid response from those involved. Part of the wedding stress, as you can see explained in the multiple great guides on our blog, emanates from […]

Useful Tips to Help Brides Pick Robes for Brides

Brides value their bridesmaids because they provide them with the support they need during their wedding. As such, most brides desire to appreciate their maids by giving them a gift that they can use over and over again. If you are a bride wondering how best to appreciate your maids on your wedding night, bridesmaid […]

Guest Post: Things that You Should Know about Fine Jewelry Manufacturers

You might have seen fine jewelry enjoying prominent positions on the shelves of many reputed jewelry shops in your area, but have you ever considered the fact that fine and authentic jewelry can enhance your social standing. This is the reason why people should always look for quality products manufactured by the reputed companies. In […]

Suit Buying Tips for the Modern Groom

When we think about wedding fashion we all tend to focus in on the bride. Without realising it, what the groom is going to wear can get pushed down the list of priorities. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to go out and buy the groom´s outfit at the same […]

Popular High Street Summer Dress Trends

We’re fully into the swing of summer now, with scorching heat waves blanketing most of the Western hemisphere. Commuting around town is going to become a chore if you’re not dressed for the weather. No one wants to sweat profusely and start feeling self-conscious about their hygiene and how others might perceive them. The shoulderless […]

Your Honeymoon Packing List!

We all know a wedding going smoothly is just part of the stress that comes with getting married, the next challenge is planning the perfect honeymoon! No matter how much we plan and prepare, it always seems like we forget something crucial for the honeymoon. That’s why lingerie company, Adore Me created the perfect guide to […]

Guest Post: Spring Make-up Wedding Trends

Brides marching down the aisle this spring will have numerous palettes from which to complete their bridal beauty looks. But don’t assume spring weddings shout “I Do!” to pastel shadows. Beauty trends rarely bow to clichés. While some spring brides may choose pastel palettes for eyes and paler pinks for cheeks, makeup doesn’t have to […]

The Women’s Guide to Dressing for a Wedding

It’s not often that people get invited to weddings, but when you do, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is, ‘What am I going to wear?’ It can be difficult to decide what to wear for a wedding, and depending on where it is being held and how many weddings you’ve attended before, you might […]

5 Tips on how to select your wedding dress

Walking down the aisle is a once in a lifetime experience. Getting married marks a new chapter in your life and that means it deserves a celebration. You will be the focus of attention on that day so it is important to give high priority to what you are going to wear. Nevertheless, choosing the […]

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