4 Ways to Make Your Eyebrows Beautiful

Photo by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 1.0 Eyebrows are one of the key features on a face and it is something that can immediately give away your age. Thin eyebrows point to being older, while the new trend of thick eyebrows is what many strive to have. This article outlines four ways to help you attain those […]

Stylish & Modern Fall Wedding Flowers

The season for fall weddings is finally here! Inspire your fall floral decor with these stunning fall wedding flowers from our friends at FTD. Featuring exotic pincushion protea to classic blooms like champagne roses and ranunculuses, these fall bouquets feature the season’s most beautiful flowers. Each visual includes featured florals that are included in each bouquet so that […]

Guest Post: 7 Brilliant Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Given the rise of celebrity weddings that cost a fortune, probably a couple million dollars, you will need an equal amount of money for a dream wedding. However, do not cringe, we are here to show you how to have a wedding on a budget, it may be conjuring all types of images in your […]

How To Make Your Own Wedding Ring

One of the signature sections of any wedding day is the exchanging of the rings, and for many of us women, the rings are one of the most important and sentimental factors of the day. After all, the wedding band is a symbol of eternal love and unity – so it needs to be special! […]

5 Places in Africa for Your Dream Couple Getaway

Do you feel like it is about time to experience an amazing getaway with your partner? How about having some African fun this year? There are numerous places in Africa for your perfect romantic holiday. You can even make a secret booking and just offer your partner the surprise of his life. Read below to […]

Do you know anything about the Spread of Yellow Fever?

The yellow fever disease is mostly common in the tropical areas. Mosquitoes spread the yellow fever virus. This disease not only affects human beings only but primates in general. It is important for people to be aware of this disease and take necessary precaution to prevent it. A mosquito can be very tiny but extremely […]

Things Couples Tend To Forget When Planning Their Wedding

Planning a wedding is not that easy. There are many different things that have to be done and the truth is that you never know when something goes wrong. We have to understand that there is a clear reason why event planning in the Vancouver area revolves around hiring professionals. The wedding is also an […]

Understanding Dental Health- Meaning and Significance

Dental care is an important aspect of everyone’s life but many people take if tor granted. The condition of your mouth is a clear indication of your general health. Your mouth shows symptoms of malnutrition or disease. Health problems that affect your whole body may be discovered initially through signs such as lesions and oral […]

Guide to the Perfect Fitting Groom’s Suit

You’ve found the perfect person to spend your life with. You proposed and she said “yes.” Now, you two are ready to plan your wedding together and you need to find the perfect suit. Here is a guide to help you find your perfect fitting groom’s suit. Deciding on a Suit or a Tuxedo The […]

Real Melbourne Wedding: Lili & Michael

Nestled amongst the Willow trees of Melbourne’s most romantic venue – Lili and Michael exchanged vowes in a glamorous, gold dripping ceremony inspired by the romance of the East and West. Adorning a custom made gown with delicate lace and flower details – Lili, Michael and their closest friends and family enjoyed a stunning reception which […]

Guest Post: Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Medical Billing Sector

Though the Affordable Care Act has been in effect for over six years now in the United States, the medical industry is still learning about the widespread impact of the legislation on the health care sector, and specifically on medical billing procedures in physician’s clinics and hospitals countrywide. While the full impact of the Act […]

Post-Wedding Life Plans and How to Bring Greater Meaning to Your Existence

This may come as a huge surprise to you, but too many brides experience post-wedding day blues, just like you. You get really depressed after the wedding and even have a tough time eating and sleeping. Why does this happen? The answer is simple. You’re coming off of a blissful wedding high – let’s not […]

Tutorial: Simple Updo with Hairpiece

(Photo Source) I love fascinators and headbands. I also love that you can do a simple updo and compliment it with a gorgeous headpiece. This easy tutorial is courtesy of The Beauty Department and will glam up any look or outfit! You’ll need a couple of larger bobby pins and a thin rubberband. You’ll want […]

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