The Ranch Golf Club Real Wedding: Stephanie & Jacob

Thanks so much to New England wedding photographer, Brooke Ellen Photography for submitting the golf club wedding. Stephanie and Jacob were married at her childhood church in Massachusetts and partied the night away at the Ranch Golf Club! TGIF! 🙂 Photographer:  Brooke Ellen Photography//DJ: Duff DJ Company//Other: Embark Films//Dress Store: Pearl Bridal Boutique//Reception Venue: The […]

5 Amazing Facts about Engagement Rings You Should Know!

Are you considering proposing to the love of your life and celebrating your commitment to each other? If so, you’ve no doubt already started looking for the perfect engagement ring? Diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice, but not just because it’s price. Its value lies in its tradition, symbolism and other […]

Bridal Pamper Party Ideas

The wedding season finally approached, so there are many details that need to be taken care of right now. Of course, one of the crucial parts of every wedding (besides the hen party) is definitely a bridal pamper party, right? If your imagination isn’t serving you so well these days, we are here to help. […]

5 Steps In Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

So your wedding is five months away and you have yet to locate a great photographer. You looked over friends’ recommendations but were not impressed with their credentials or portfolios. Now you’re panicking and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry because in this article we will discuss tips on finding the best photographer your […]

6 Hair Styling Tips for Beautiful Wedding Hair

In any wedding, the bride is the highlight of the whole occasion and if you are someone who is getting married, you will also be worried about looking perfect for the day. Since the bridal dress is something you can buy after choosing the right color and design, you will need a perfect hairdo to […]

Destination Wedding- Why Choose Maldives?

Are you looking for a wonderful place to get married in with your loved one? Visit Maldives and its beautiful islands. After all, the best deserves the best. Enjoy the serene view and get ready to have your breath taken away. Follow your beautiful wedding up with an even more romantic honeymoon. Have a surreal […]

Doing It Differently: Unique Approaches To Your Wedding Breakfast

Traditionally, the wedding breakfast was made up of a three, four or five course sit down meal. However, today that has all changed, the wedding breakfast no longer has to be traditional or served in a traditional way, brides and grooms can now choose to serve whatever they like. However, they like. While having a […]

A Memorable Wedding Is Spelled F.U.N.

We’re going to give your thirty seconds to write down everything you want your wedding reception to be. 3… 2… 1… Go! Okay, now read back through your list-slash-brainstorming and pick just one word out of that rather illegible mess of yours. Chances are, you picked out the word “fun”. You want people to have […]

Hens & Friends: Planning A Perfect Bachelorette Party

Flickr There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. Some like to have it large and go abroad and have a massive blow out before they kiss goodbye to singledom, but it all depends on the bride’s choice. Ultimately a bachelorette party needs to be a celebration of the […]

Most Popular Winter Wedding Flowers

Make your wedding a winter wonderland by creating a beautiful bouquet full of gorgeous winter wedding flowers. Most brides believe that they have limited options when it comes to winter weddings however, this could not be more false! There are a variety of winter wedding flowers that brides can choose from to make their wedding […]

Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting Your First Dance Song

Pexels Ah, the first dance. It’s a tradition; the moment when a couple take to the floor as man and wife, their friends and family looking on, and share a special moment together. It’s a beautiful, calm moment in the midst of the post-wedding celebrations. Of course, the only way this moment can be so […]

There is No Better Way to Express Emotions Than through Flowers!

Life is too short to remember grudges. So, everyone should express feelings for his or her loved ones. Gifts are the best medium of expression of our emotions. They are used as a token of appreciation and affection towards others. Giving to others strengthens one’s feeling for others, makes one feel more loving. The act […]

How to Look Best on Your Wedding Day? (For Grooms)

Being the groom in your wedding has a lot of perks, which includes spending some cherished times with your family and being the centre of all jokes, and of course driving home with the love of your life! But along with all the fun and merriment, there are a lot of expectations that people have […]

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