Real Leu Gardens Engagement: Bekah & Justin

From their Orlando wedding photographer, Corner House Photography: Bekah and Justin are high school sweethearts who originally met back in 2006. The two had many mutual friends, which opened the door to their friendship and blossomed into a relationship. Justin quickly fell in love with Bekah’s unconditional love. As he explains it, “she tried harder than […]

5 Great Ways To Spark Romance

Is there anything more intimidating than trying to make a good impression on a woman? Whether you’ve been admiring her from afar for months or if you feel it’s love at first sight, it’s a real struggle to put together a plan for getting her to notice you and develop that mutual attraction. In the […]

How Adding a Bit of Humor Can Make Your Wedding More Memorable

One thing is for sure – weddings are a memory that stays in your mind and never ever leaves it. Considering the fact that a lot of effort, time and money are usually invested into this cause for celebration, it should come as no surprise. However, if you want to go the extra mile and […]

Tips For The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Of Your Life

Valentine’s day is, of course, a celebration of love. For most couples, this is the moment to start looking for extraordinary presents that speak volumes and show their partners how appreciated they are. But if you want to make Valentine’s day a little more special this year, how about planning your proposal for this romantic […]

Four adventure honeymoons you may not have considered

Honeymoons are the personal celebration of your relationship after the big wedding day. This is a once in a lifetime holiday, a time to go all out, travel to some exotic destination to relax, renew and just enjoy each others’ company. For people who being active, it can also be a time to try new […]

Cute (Not Cringey) Wedding Day Ideas

When it comes to weddings, everyone has different tastes. You might attend a friend’s themed wedding and love every minute of it, but readily admit it’s not really your kind of thing. Or you may go to a relative’s quiet, intimate affair, when your ideal wedding day would be much more flashy. When planning your […]

7 Perfect Valentine Gifts for Your Girlfriend In 2017

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s either one of your favorite days of the year or one that you look forward to as much as your regular dentist appointment. However, it shouldn’t be something that you dread! Valentine’s Day can be a special time with that special person in your life. But you must get her the […]

Get Me To The Church On Time (And Other Things You’ll Want To Run Smoothly on Your Wedding Day!)

As one of the biggest days of your life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to planning your wedding. While some aspects are very fun and exciting, the idea of getting everything to come together, making a million decisions and hoping that everything runs smoothly is enough to send some brides over the […]

5 Things No One Tells You About Shopping for an Engagement Ring

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are 5 things no one really tells you about the shopping experience. If someone told you how difficult and time-consuming it would be, you might be scared away from making the purchase and popping the question. The Diamonds All Look the Same You might be tempted to grab […]

Gifts to Treasure the Jiffies of Celebration

Gifts are a means of expressing to someone how special they are to you. Giving gifts is almost like a tradition that has been carried along for centuries. Whether it’s moment to be cherished, a token of love, a festival, or gesture of appreciation, people exchange gifts to show their love and affection. Think about […]

The Ultimate Wedding Battle: DIY Invites VS Shop-Bought Designs

Congratulations on your engagement! As you know, weddings are an exciting event that every girl – and sometimes, gent – dreams about from a very young age. That thing we do with the pillowcase hung over the back of the head isn’t just for fun – we’re planning the biggest day of our life. The […]

How to Buy Perfume for Your Partner

Perfume is something that huge numbers of women love to wear, as it makes them not only feel more confident but also enables them to wear their favourite fragrances. The choice of perfume options available these days is huge with perfumes available for every occasion, every taste, and every budget. Of course, not all women […]

Love the Idea of a Destination Wedding? Take Your Pick Among These 5 Places

Many Brides have dreamed of the magic of saying their vows in beautiful, exotic locations far away and planned the whole thing to near-perfection, only to find that no one is actually able to come. Deciding on a destination wedding doesn’t just come down to what you can afford or what you find convenient. A […]

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