10 Tips for Emergency Beauty Fixes of The Bride

Photo by langll, CC0 1.0 If you’re going to be getting married soon, there are tons of things that you’ve got to think about. And one of those things is how to repair any emergency beauty situations that you might find yourself in. If you haven’t thought of these things yet, then you’ve got to […]

Cliched Wedding Locations That Are Actually Worth It

Pexels Lots of couples try and avoid cliches like the plague on their wedding day. Some girls prefer to ditch the white dress in favor of something that suits their personality better. And now lots of couples are swapping the traditional roast dinner wedding breakfast for something quirky like burgers or pies. However, not every […]

7 Foods You Should Not Serve at Your Wedding

Photo by rawpixel, CC0 1.0 Arguably one of the most important parts of your life is going to be your wedding. This is a big moment for everyone involved as this means that you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with that special someone. However, what happens after the wedding ceremony is […]

Sharp Style: The Groom’s Essential Guide To Looking Dapper On His Wedding Day

Flickr Weddings are times of immense excitement, immense stress, immense emotional attachment, and almost every other adjective you could choose. Life events of this enormity and beauty rarely elicit a tepid response from those involved. Part of the wedding stress, as you can see explained in the multiple great guides on our blog, emanates from […]

Don’t Slip and Slide: What You Need to Know About Weddings in The Fall

The late summer is a beautiful and rather warm time; bees are starting to swarm drunkenly around, not quite as coordinated as they used to be, and we’re sitting outside in the evenings to enjoy as much as possible of the summer that’s left. Although we’re going to miss the season with all of its […]

Useful Tips to Help Brides Pick Robes for Brides

Brides value their bridesmaids because they provide them with the support they need during their wedding. As such, most brides desire to appreciate their maids by giving them a gift that they can use over and over again. If you are a bride wondering how best to appreciate your maids on your wedding night, bridesmaid […]

Guest Post: Things that You Should Know about Fine Jewelry Manufacturers

You might have seen fine jewelry enjoying prominent positions on the shelves of many reputed jewelry shops in your area, but have you ever considered the fact that fine and authentic jewelry can enhance your social standing. This is the reason why people should always look for quality products manufactured by the reputed companies. In […]

Weddings Can Be Fun! Here’s How

Why is it that some people believe that weddings should be a serious, austere affair? They really don’t have to be. If you want to make sure that you, your partner, and all of your loved ones have the most fun ever on your wedding day, there are a few different things you can do: […]

Cutest Summertime Proposal Ideas

Is there anything better than the hot, glorious days of summer and sheer beauty and glamour you get to see in this time of year? Winter is great and all, but how do you pop the question with both of your hands too frozen to reach for the ring? So, if you like the fun […]

Bathroom accessories for perfect wedding gift

When a young couple moves into their first house or apartment, there are numerous items that they will need to set up their household. You may consider creating Bathroom accessories for perfect wedding gift basket to help the happy couple set up a happy home. Bath accessory basket One type of bathroom gift basket that […]

Your Guide to Flower Symbolism

There is much more to a flower than meets the eye. Not only are flowers beautiful, but they also carry deeper meanings. The next time that you buy flowers to display in your home or to give to someone else, don’t choose them based on their appearance alone. Instead, learn about what the different types […]

Real Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement: Keyleigh & Kyle

From their wedding photographer, Corner House Photography: Living in Maine at the time and planning on moving down to Florida together, Kyle proposed to Keyleigh before their final goodbye with friends at her work party. Dropping to one knee he pulled out the most magnificent, beautiful, stunning, and plastic $5.00 ring as a little joke […]

How to get the best wedding videography services ever

Your wedding video and pictures are the things that you will have after your big day is over. Most videography packages will range from $1000 to over $15,000, whatever package you choose, you want to be sure that you are getting the best.  Here are a few guidelines that help you get the best nuptial […]

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