9 Tips That Will Improve Your Relationship and Make it last Longer

Relationships can be quite fragile. If not catered to, it can be brittle and ephemeral. However, you want it to be malleable and everlasting. No relationship is perfect. There is obviously no secret ingredient here. It needs to be worked upon pertinently. That’s how your relationship improves and can last longer. With this article, I […]

Late-in-Life Weddings: Showing Your Guests a Good Time

(Source) A wedding at any age is a time to be treasured, but whether you’re fifty-eight or eighty-five, planning a ceremony can be stressful. There’s so much to consider – the color scheme, the dress, the floral arrangements- that it’s easy to put your guests on the back burner. If you’re planning a wedding later […]

How Adding a Bit of Humor Can Make Your Wedding More Memorable

One thing is for sure – weddings are a memory that stays in your mind and never ever leaves it. Considering the fact that a lot of effort, time and money are usually invested into this cause for celebration, it should come as no surprise. However, if you want to go the extra mile and […]

Get Me To The Church On Time (And Other Things You’ll Want To Run Smoothly on Your Wedding Day!)

As one of the biggest days of your life, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to planning your wedding. While some aspects are very fun and exciting, the idea of getting everything to come together, making a million decisions and hoping that everything runs smoothly is enough to send some brides over the […]

5 Things No One Tells You About Shopping for an Engagement Ring

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are 5 things no one really tells you about the shopping experience. If someone told you how difficult and time-consuming it would be, you might be scared away from making the purchase and popping the question. The Diamonds All Look the Same You might be tempted to grab […]

Gifts to Treasure the Jiffies of Celebration

Gifts are a means of expressing to someone how special they are to you. Giving gifts is almost like a tradition that has been carried along for centuries. Whether it’s moment to be cherished, a token of love, a festival, or gesture of appreciation, people exchange gifts to show their love and affection. Think about […]

Breathtaking Stage Lighting to Sparkle Your Special Occasions

Stage lighting is a unique mixture of art and science, and aims to accomplish a selective, atmospheric, dimensional lighting. They’re appropriate to suit the style of a particular play, theater production, or to grace your special day. In theater, lighting is used to make the stage clearly visible and create dramatic changes to suit the […]

How Not To Be Left Standing at the Altar

The best place to not be left standing at the altar while your soon to-be better half expresses a case of cold feet is that you plan in it in a place where they cannot escape *cue gasps and weird looks*; okay, so it has to be a super cool wedding destination where the both […]

Wondering how to give the best care to your elderly loved one

Most often you want to show them that you love them, but wonder just how you can do that. You may think of probably surprising them once in a while but that may not be enough. The best gift that you can ever give to your elderly loved one is to show them that you […]

A Glimpse of Your Future? Three Brides On The Decisions That Made Their Weddings

When you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, you’re trying to think as your future self. It’s an attempt at being a Nostradamus in chiffon; getting an idea of how you will think and feel on the day itself. FeeLoona Image Have you ever wished you could have the true gift of foresight? To […]

A Look at Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

{Photo Source: Love 2 Love} Formal wedding traditions have their appeal, and many people find themselves wanting to preserve some part of those gestures in their wedding plans. At the same time, the modern world has changed and has made brides and grooms realize that those older, more restrictive roles and planning decisions simply aren’t for […]

Buying Engagement Rings Safely Online

Image by Thomas Gear via Flickr Increasingly all over the world, not just in New Zealand, people are becoming more comfortable with purchasing goods online, including engagement rings. As shopping becomes a lot easier online, the dangers that are related with this also increase. It is not all doom and gloom though as you can […]

Wedding Planning Priorities: Snapping Up The Perfect Photographer

Are you planning your wedding? If so, you’re probably dreaming of your big day and looking forward to seeing photos that will remind you of those special moments for years to come. For most couples, choosing a perfect photographer is up there with finding a venue and choosing the bridal party. This is a decision […]

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