5 Amazing Facts about Engagement Rings You Should Know!

Are you considering proposing to the love of your life and celebrating your commitment to each other? If so, you’ve no doubt already started looking for the perfect engagement ring? Diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice, but not just because it’s price. Its value lies in its tradition, symbolism and other […]

5 Steps In Finding A Great Wedding Photographer

So your wedding is five months away and you have yet to locate a great photographer. You looked over friends’ recommendations but were not impressed with their credentials or portfolios. Now you’re panicking and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry because in this article we will discuss tips on finding the best photographer your […]

6 Hair Styling Tips for Beautiful Wedding Hair

In any wedding, the bride is the highlight of the whole occasion and if you are someone who is getting married, you will also be worried about looking perfect for the day. Since the bridal dress is something you can buy after choosing the right color and design, you will need a perfect hairdo to […]

Hens & Friends: Planning A Perfect Bachelorette Party

Flickr There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to planning a bachelorette party. Some like to have it large and go abroad and have a massive blow out before they kiss goodbye to singledom, but it all depends on the bride’s choice. Ultimately a bachelorette party needs to be a celebration of the […]

Most Popular Winter Wedding Flowers

Make your wedding a winter wonderland by creating a beautiful bouquet full of gorgeous winter wedding flowers. Most brides believe that they have limited options when it comes to winter weddings however, this could not be more false! There are a variety of winter wedding flowers that brides can choose from to make their wedding […]

Questions To Ask Yourself When Selecting Your First Dance Song

Pexels Ah, the first dance. It’s a tradition; the moment when a couple take to the floor as man and wife, their friends and family looking on, and share a special moment together. It’s a beautiful, calm moment in the midst of the post-wedding celebrations. Of course, the only way this moment can be so […]

Fascinating Facts About Indian Wedding Cards That Will Amaze You!

Weddings are a kind of event that is going to stand out amongst the memorable episodes of a person’s life. Individuals in any province of India dependably anticipate a wedding with great enthusiasm. Just like every culture, Hindu culture also holds up the ideology that this union is a hallowed unification of two people. It […]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Wedding Planner

You had the most romantic and unique proposal. You have a ring on your finger to show for that, but now what? With an engagement, it is quite clear that the wedding will be following shortly after. However, planning a wedding is one of the most exhausting things to do. But because weddings are meant […]

Invaluable People Who Work At Your Wedding

Before you even got engaged, you might have attended a few weddings and had a lot of fun celebrating the happy couple and enjoying a meal you didn’t have to pay for. However, you might not have realised how much work goes on behind the scenes of every perfect wedding. True, you might be aware […]

How To Handle A Disaster At Your Wedding

The one thing many couples don’t want to think about, is something going wrong at their wedding. Weddings cost a whole lot of money, and something going wrong could seriously impact the day. It could mean something crucial is missing, and that the experience is impacted for guests. If you want to make sure you […]

5 Important Considerations for Your Wedding Cake Selection

Cake shops seem to be popping up at every street corner these days. They give plenty of options to people looking to buy wedding cakes, but before you can make a choice on a cake, you need to check on several things as follows: 1. Taste –Buying a cake without tasting it is not a […]

7 Pro-tips for Finding Wedding Bands You’ll Both Love

Not long after a couple gets engaged, they will start planning the wedding. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows that there are plenty of arrangements that need to be made. One very important detail that needs to be handled is buying the wedding rings. The rings are a very important part of the […]

5 Bathrooms Areas That Must Be Cleaned on a Regular Basis

A daily quick clean is usually what most of us are used to when it comes to cleaning bathrooms. But whether we like it or not, the bathroom is the one place in your home that requires thorough cleaning on a regular basis. Bathrooms are one of the areas in your home that get dirt […]

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