Major “Don’t”s For Planning a Bachelorette Party

Flickr image When one of your best friends is getting married, it can feel almost as exciting for you as it can for her. And if she asks you to be involved with planning the bachelorette party, there’s even more excitement to be had. It does take some work though, and you have an important […]

Planning A Bachelorette Party That The Bride-To-Be Will Never Forget

Whether you’re the maid of honor (congratulations) or part of the essential party-planning bridesmaid squad; your bride-to-be deserves a memorable bachelorette, that she’ll never forget. Organizing the perfect get-together can take some time and effort; however, the more thought you put into the event, the better it’ll be for the bride, you, and all of […]

5 Things You Should Plan At Least 3 Months Before Your Wedding Day

Photo by Olessya, CC0 1.0 Your wedding day is something that you definitely want to go right the first time. There’s so much to plan and get ready that you might be a bit overwhelmed when you start thinking about it. However, that’s where we’re going to come in to help. There are some simple […]

Why Destination Weddings Cause Couples To Miss Out

What bride wouldn’t be happy to marry on the white sands of an exotic beach with the clear blue waters lapping at her toes? And what groom wouldn’t be delighted by an extended stay in a gorgeous hotel with views of the ocean? Destination weddings are incredibly popular right now. But there are some massive […]

Guest Post: Alluring ways to help you get ready for your wedding night

Getting ready for an unforgettable wedding night is easier said than done. Most couples consume themselves too much with the wedding. They’re stressed, tired from all the dancing, and all they want to do when the party’s over is sleep. But seriously, it’s your wedding night! Why would you want to sleep on your first […]

The Fun Before The Big Day Revealed

When you think about getting married, all of our focus tends to go on the big day itself. It where most put all of their energy, as they want to make sure they get everything right. But the thing about getting married is, that there is a lot of fun you can have even before […]

3 Services You Plainly Don’t Want To Forget On Your Wedding Day

Flickr Forgetting something for a wedding is plainly one of the most costly mistakes you can make. This day, if fortunate, will only happen once in your life, and not only will making a mistake here automatically make you look incompetent in from of all the family and friends attending, but they could have real […]

Hidden Wedding Costs You Don’t Won’t to Forget

Image source For most of us, getting married is going to be pretty expensive, but as long as we’ve planned for that, there isn’t going to be a problem. Unfortunately, lots of couples. When planning their big day forget about lots of ‘hidden’ costs, which put them in a tight spot and sometimes prevent them […]

A Grand Feast For A Grand Wedding

(Image Source) Planning a wedding is never a mean feat. Most people find it hard to get through all of the work that needs to be done. And, it usually doesn’t feel like there’s enough time. This is compounded by the fact that most people only do this once; making it near impossible to get […]

Bright Ideas For Outdoor Nuptials

Pexels For many brides, getting married outside is a dream come true. There is something really beautiful about a wedding under the sun surrounded by gorgeous nature. However, even though it may seem like the perfect setting in your mind, in reality, it could turn out very differently if the weather doesn’t play ball! But […]

Planning a Budget Wedding? Tips To Save Thousands

Everyone dreams of an amazing wedding from the young age itself. The wedding dress, guests, beautiful bride-groom, etc. – all are part of that amazing day. But when this dream hits the real life scenario people get disappointed. The main reason for it is that most of the time such weddings are costly and people […]

True Meaning of Mother’s Day and What Mothers Really Expect

Mother’s Day is one of the holidays that people need to mark on their calendars. If you have not already made special plans for the mother in your life and the day is rapidly approaching, cancelling everything else on your schedule is advisable. Buying a card, ordering for her favorite flowers and making dinner reservations […]

Handing It Over: The Rise Of The Wedding Planners

Organising a wedding can be one of the most exciting, but stressful, times of a bride’s life. For those who have undertaken the whole task by themselves, it’s a lot to take on board. Sorting out things like dresses, venues and what you’re having for the wedding breakfast can be considered the easy stuff; it’s […]

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