Unique Ideas For Your Special Day


If you’re getting married soon and would like your wedding to have some extra sparkle to it; here are some unique ideas that you can add to your big day.

Party favors

Give out party favors at your wedding, but instead of the usual pretty bag of sweeties, why not funk it up a little with masks to replicate your and your partner’s faces. It’s as freaky as it sounds, but what a group picture that will make…


Plan for the kids

One of the most stressful factors at a wedding are the kids. The screaming, the crying, and the constant reminder that they’re bored is no walk in the park. So dedicate an area specifically for kids that’ll keep them entertained, with coloring books and toys. You can even hire out a ball pit or a bouncy castle. Under the watchful eye of the babysitter, you won’t have to worry one bit.

Photo booths

Photos are a must at a wedding. If you want to capture your memories forever, then you’ll need pictures! How about hiring out a photo booth for you and your guests? With many different backdrops and props to choose from, you can add a touch of humor to your images. Not only that, it’s super fun, and people will enjoy documenting their night with this.

There are many companies such as Booth Boy Photo Booths, who offer a wide range of deals, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


First dance

It’s all the craze now to do something that’ll shock your guests as your first dance begins. Although it’s a lot more common than it once was – people still don’t expect it. So get some lessons and wow your friends and family with your incredibly awesome (or terrible) dance moves!

Quick change

There is nothing wrong with changing into something a little more comfortable as the night goes on.

Once your first dance is over and done with, feel free to go off and change into that gorgeous number you had hidden away. Not only will you be able to move a lot better, but the attention will be on you all night, let alone your partner’s eyes…


Surprise entertainment

Some of the best things happen when no one’s expecting it. So why not surprise your guest with some entertainment. Whether that be a live band, dancers or even fire eating acrobats! – Why not? Your wedding will be the talk of the year.

Keep your guests going

Midnight snacks have always been great, ever since you discovered them as a young child. But not only are they awesome, they will also be much needed if you want to keep your guests fueled for the long night ahead. So hire a pizza truck to come and park outside of your venue to cater to all those late night cravings.


End your night with a bang

Why not end your epic night on a high with a stunning firework show. What’s better than sharing something beautiful, with the ones you love before the night is over?

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