Summer Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Citrus Centrepiece

I get all excited and giddy when talking about summer wedding ideas, and that time has come around again. Summer in all its beauty is a perfect time to tie the knot and the most popular time of the year for weddings, summer allows the outdoor wedding option meaning there are lots of lots of […]

Honeymoon Planning!

Hitched Honeymoons Edited

I personally think honeymoon planning is the best part about getting married. It’s your opportunity to plan the vacation you have always dreamed about and to go somewhere you’ve never been. Wondering where to go? Our friends over at Hitched put together some great honeymoon destinations along with what to do! I have to say […]

Engagement Rings Made in the USA


When it’s time to take that big step in your life, like getting engaged you want to find an engagement ring that is truly unique. Here at Lucy Dylan Weddings we feature a lot of different jewelers that all offer something unique to fit your personal needs and style. Because the reality is we live […]

Introducing 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner for Couples!


You may remember we helped introduce a new app, Introducing 2life: The App for Your Most Important Relationship!, that was catered for your most important relationships. Well we have great news, 2life can now help you plan your wedding! 2life Ultimate Wedding Planner app—a collaborative tool for engaged couples! This app is a couple’s virtual […]

Guest Post: 2014 Honeymoon Destinations You Will Love


The best part about getting married is the relaxation mixed with excitement of a honeymoon. Make your wedding complete for you and your beloved by learning all about the coolest honeymoon destinations for 2014. Whether you are into lounging at the beach or tasting exotic and delicious foods, or just exploring a whole new type […]

Crazy About Wedding Transportation!


Who says you need to arrive on your wedding day in a limo? Having your wedding theme and personal style roll over into your wedding transportation is another way that you are one step closer to having a kick-ass wedding! We’ve gathered some of our favorite alternative wedding transportation ideas to help you think a […]

Did You Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro? Why Not Become a Wedding Planner?


Every detail was done and your wedding went off without a hitch. You had no idea you loved this industry so much. There’s no reason to leave behind the flowers, musicians, vendors, food and dresses. Make it your living. Working as a wedding planner can be very exciting, as you get to help a couple […]

Guest Post: Pinterest Worthy Wedding Trends That Will Wow Guests


Making your wedding unique can be quite a challenge, especially if you are one of the last people in your friendship group to get engaged. However, thanks to Pinterest, there are hundreds of pins to inspire you and ensure that your special day stands out for all of the right reasons. Fabulous Wedding Favours This […]

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