Picture-Perfect Proposal at Your Disposal

As soon as you become engaged, and for the rest of your married life, people (friends, family, and strangers) are going to ask you: 1. how you met, and 2. what was the proposal like? Just about everyone loves a good romance, and those in your circle of acquaintance are no exception. Your proposal story […]

5 Gorgeous Bedding Styles for Your Wedding Night

For every couple ‘the wedding day’ is a very important day of their life. It has to be picture perfect.  No mistakes are allowed, whatsoever. At many times it is more important to the bride that her wedding day is flawless and grand. From the bridal shower to the reception everything should be organized and […]

What are the Benefits of Applying Eyelash Extensions

Applying eyelash extensions can comes with quite a number of benefits. Any modern and fashionably aware woman (lady) would agree that eyelash extensions brighten up the wearer’s face and enhance the appeal of her eyes, right? Nowadays, eyelash extension is a procedure that is familiar to many and is quite affordable to a great majority […]

Make Your Wedding Unforgettable In A Stunning Outdoor Location

Public Image Are you about to start planning your wedding? It’s an exciting time isn’t it because essentially, you’re setting up the best party of your life. Not only will it be a night to remember, but it’s also the start of a brand new chapter. A declaration of love, a first dance and then […]

Get Your Dancing Shoes On. Why Your Wedding Reception Deserves Your Attention Too

Image Source Planning a wedding is no easy task. There’s so much to consider, from bridesmaids to bouquets. No wonder we sometimes forget to give the reception the attention it deserves. There are so many unique wedding ideas out there, but there’s a lot less information about planning a reception to remember. Why not keep […]

A Look at Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

{Photo Source: Love 2 Love} Formal wedding traditions have their appeal, and many people find themselves wanting to preserve some part of those gestures in their wedding plans. At the same time, the modern world has changed and has made brides and grooms realize that those older, more restrictive roles and planning decisions simply aren’t for […]

Guest Post: Latest Trends in Honeymoons Are Still Following Those Old Ideas

Love and romanticism play a very important role in our life. We always need someone close to our hearts and with whom we can share our feelings and thoughts. When the time comes to plan a great honeymoon, no compromise should be made. Going to that dream destination with your life partner is something that […]

Worried About Your Walk Down The Aisle? Try These Alternatives

Anxious about your walk down the aisle? Don’t worry, you are definitely not the only one. Many brides dread this part of their wedding ceremony. This is generally because they dislike the idea of being the center of attention and having all eyes on them. While walking down the aisle is a tradition that has […]

Unique Wedding Ideas to Give Your Day The Wow Factor

Weddings are fast becoming more than just saying your “I do’s” and declaring your love for one another. A wedding is now so much more than that. Couples these days are striving for unique ways to celebrate their love for one another. Hoping to capture the perfect pictures or video of their day, a memory […]

Tips for Beautiful Bridal Showers

Have you recently offered to host a bridal shower? There are so many wonderful options today to host an elegant evening bridal shower or a casual daytime shower. Once you and the bride have agreed on the time and place, considering the theme of the wedding and how the bridal shower might tie into that. […]

Wedding Gift Spending 101!

(Photo by Houseman Studios) Every summer and fall we ask ourselves the same question. How much should I spend on a wedding gift? It really depends on how close to are to the couple and the cost of living in your area. There are wedding gift etiquette rules you can live by which give gift […]

Perfect Personal Touches That Will Make Your Wedding Day Unique

Are you planning your wedding? If so, you’re probably keen to make your day unique, and wow your guests with things they’ve never seen before. Adding personal touches to your celebration will make your day memorable. It will also ensure that your wedding reflects your personalities and the love you share. If you’re looking for […]

DIY: Harley Quinn Make-Up & Hair!

Harley Quinn. She’s the ass-kicking, baseball bat-wielding, former psychiatrist brought over to the dark side by Batman’s worst nemesis, the Joker. One of the most popular DC Comics characters, Harley Quinn is the hottest searched Halloween costume this year and we have the DIY tutorial to get her look!! Lush Hair Extensions has put together […]

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