Guest Post: Physical Wedding Invitations vs. Social Media Invites


This is a digital age—there’s no doubt about it. Some people say that print media is dead. Although this is not necessarily true, it’s difficult to argue that the advancement of technology and the rampant use of social media has not made huge changes in the way people interact with one another. If there’s one […]

Guest Post: Quirky Wedding Decoration Ideas


Even though I’ve been happily married for almost 3 years and I don’t plan to tie the knot again (at least, that’s how I feel at the moment), my passion for weddings and everything connected with them is not subsiding ever since I was a little girl.  Thanks to a number of nuptial ceremonies my […]

Straight Shot: Choosing a Wedding Photographer Brisbane


This is not a close your eyes and point situation; choosing a wedding photographer is serious business. Know what to ask beforehand so there are no surprises. Image by Harry Potts via Flickr Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Finding the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in this […]

Crazy About Oversized Floral Crowns!

bright flower crowns

If I could turn the clocks back I would wear a floral crown at my wedding! I’m obsessed with natural bohemian wedding look. Whether you make it yourself or work with your florist to craft something unique with seasonal blooms or buy one online it’s a great way to personalize your wedding style. Peony Flower Crowns Peonies are […]

Make It Easier To Find Your Dream Wedding Reception Venue With These Tips

image00 (2)

Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life, which is why planning is so important. Of all the things that you need to organize for your wedding, one of the most time-consuming will be choosing your wedding reception venue. Yes, choosing your wedding dress and writing your vows is […]

Guest Post: The Pros & Cons to Boat Weddings


Weddings can be an awful lot of fuss, stress and expenses on all sides – but if you want to make your efforts and money invested in a pitch-perfect ceremony to truly prove efficient and rewarding, you’d better think of an original venue that goes beyond mere restaurant and church arrangements. Though I’m not a […]

Choosing a Unique Diamond Engagement Ring


Image by ilovebutter via Flickr What better way to tell your loved one that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, than by giving them a unique diamond engagement ring when you propose? You can even save yourself money by using the services of a diamond broker to source your precious […]

Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Photographs


You only get one wedding day, so you want to make sure that the day is properly commemorated with amazing photographs. Use these tips to ensure that your wedding photographs are the best they can possibly be: Don’t Go for the Cheapest Deal When you go for the cheapest deal, you’re not looking for the […]

Fantastic Ideas For Celebrating Your Engagement


If the love of your life has just got down on one knee and proposed, then congratulations are in order. One thing many couples fail to do after getting engaged is celebrate. Getting engaged is a big deal and something that you should definitely make the time to celebrate. Whether you choose to celebrate with […]

Why You Should Have a Destination Wedding


Katsu Nojiri Deciding where to have your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make. Do you have it close to home, near your family or your intended’s family? Or do you pick someone altogether different that may or may not have any particular meaning or connection for either of you? Many […]

Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas


Wedding season is in full force, and if you’ve been asked to be part of the bridal party, you will soon have your hands full with planning and organizing. But if you’re in the age group where many of your friends have started to get married and you are all attending multiple weddings in a […]

4 Incredible Reasons to Do a Boudoir Photography Session


{Photo Credit} A lot of people, and especially women, would describe themselves as being camera shy. They might find it hard to appear even in a candid shot while they’re going about their day, let alone pose for a photo shoot. Others feel much more comfortable in front of a camera, and can either take […]

Guest Post: Four Exciting Themes for Father’s Day Party

He celebrates every event of your life with enthusiasm, shouldn’t you rejoice simply having him once in a year, at least? Father’s day is approaching and it is time to pamper your dad, acknowledge his contributions and sacrifices, and pay him a tribute. While you might be thinking to give presents and have a dinner […]

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