DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

personalized mugs

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and we have two last minute gift ideas perfect for that special someone in your life. We love that these gifts don’t cost a lot and can be done in minutes. The best part is you can also rollover these gift ideas to your wedding as well!! Personalized […]

Dress Him Right for a Smart Casual Wedding


Wedding dress codes can be a nightmare to decipher: white tie, morning dress, black tie, lounge suits and the worst of all, ‘smart casual’. At least with black tie or lounge suits, your man will have an idea of what is appropriate, but with smart casual, it’s like giving him carte blanche to wear jeans […]

What To Do If You Don’t Look Like Your Perfect Bride Anymore

bride with flowers

When you dream of getting married you probably have a good idea how you are going to look on the day. It is something that us girls imagine for several years before we are even proposed to. The trouble is, by the time we get engaged, we may not look how we imagined we would. […]

A Few of the Best Bridal Hairstyles

Rolled Chignon

All women—save for those who have chosen to wear the habit—want their wedding day to be very special. One way to make the wedding special is to have her hair styled in such a way that it further enhances her beauty. With the many hairstyle choices for brides available today, confusion cannot be avoided. Although […]

How to Manage Hair Extensions


At one point or another we’ve all gotten sick of our short hair or had a bad experience with a style or cut we thought we wanted. Some of us may also have an unfortunate time growing out our hair and have turned to hair extensions for an instant change. Hair extensions are a great […]

5 Stunning Winter Wedding Trends

wedding dress

Source Winter is the perfect time to get married. Crisp white snow underfoot (if you’re lucky!) and the chill of the winter air makes for the most romantic of settings. If you have always dreamed of the perfect, fairytale wedding day then take a look at the five simple but stunning wedding day trends that […]

Create a Bespoke Wedding with These Unique Ideas


Everyone wants their big day to be a special one, and many brides strive to plan the most custom wedding money can buy. There are a number of ways you can make your wedding more unique for you and your guests, some you may never have even thought of. Here we look at the top […]

Benefits Of Hiring Limo For A Glamourous Wedding


You would want everything special on the day you and the love of your life are announced man and wife. While you work out on how to arrange everything to perfection, transporting the main wedding party to chapel and to the reception would seem a mind boggling task. You would naturally want to do it […]

Staying Zen: How To Manage Your Bridal Party

mother and daughter

It’s the best feeling ever. All the people you love most in the whole world united on your big day. The petty squabbles, heated debates and passive aggressive suggestions all melt into the background in a haze of love and joy. But what if you’re not there yet? Here are our top tips to for […]

5 Reasons to Surprise Your Partner on Your Anniversary


If it’s your anniversary coming up, you should know that it’s time for organizing something special. While you might celebrate your 1st or 5th anniversary with great zeal, do not forget to surprise your partner on that next anniversary of yours. People do celebrate landmarks like their 25th anniversary with a lot of fanfare, but […]

Sponsored Post: Big Savings Just in Time for the Holidays!


FTC disclosure If you are still trying to find that prefect gift we’ve just made it a little easier! Photo books are the perfect gift to preserve your memories or store all your favorite recipes in one place! Blurb has just added an extra promotion to make sure you can still save big on your […]

Tuscan Wedding? Choose an exclusive wedding photographer to record all the memories


Everything is coming together. You are dress and ring shopping, making a long list of to dos, collecting images of what you imagine your wedding day to be like and you have even decided to make your special day extra unique by marrying in enchanting Tuscany! Maybe you’ve already picked the location and menu and […]

That Perfect Promise – Making Your Loved Ones Know How Much They Mean To You

promise rings

What happens when you realize that you have finally met the woman of your dreams? It might take years and sometimes, just a few weeks. But if all goes well, you would know when the time is right. Yes, you know that you need to make your proposal amazing, but it’s the how that’s the […]

Choosing a coffee machine for your wedding list

coffee maker

When it comes to compiling a wedding list, there are numerous things you can ask for in order to build an ideal home with your partner. While you are bound to want a few essential household items, a coffee machine will also be high up on the list. But as opposed to a kettle or […]

Beer for Skin Care!


Next time you’re at the store picking up a six-pack make sure you pick up 2! We have some great ideas for you to get glowing skin, fight acne, and cleanse the skin and all of them have beer as the main ingredient. To Get Rid of Acne: Beer’s yeast can help improve the symptoms […]

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