10 Activities for Hen & Stag Parties in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for a hen or stag parties. And for a good reason. There are many activities that will make your party unforgettable. We’ll pick a few activities that you can do for a hen and stag party in Amsterdam and for inspiration you can also visit HenandStagWeekend.co.uk: Bicycle […]

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks for 2016

Planning your big day should be fun and exciting. There will be times; it has to be said, that you will also find it stressful, no doubting shedding a few tears along the way. However, all of the negatives will be forgotten, as you dance the night away, glowing with pride that your big day […]

7 Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Band

A wedding band is what binds you to your partner, and this bond lasts for life. Something so precious and close to your heart should be perfect. But sometimes it becomes a little difficult to choose the right wedding band, because there are so many choices out there. To help you out, we’ve prepared a […]

Guest Post: Bring the rustic look to your wedding: Replace wedding halls with cottages

There is something particularly special about getting married in the autumn or winter months, maybe it is the hope of snow on the ground or maybe it is simply the opportunity to dress up in ways that are simply not possible in the heat of summer. Riding boots and winter coats have a certain appeal! […]

Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas For You

After you’ve picked out your rings and hired a venue, you need to sort out the entertainment. When it comes down to it, the entertainment is the centerpiece of your event. After all, when everyone has had their food, they need somethings special to get the party started. Most people tend to choose bands for […]

DIY: How To Make A Flower Crown

Flower crowns are so dreamy and an expression of yourself. If you are considering or planning on having a flower crown for your wedding then think aobut making it yourself! Flower crowns are so personal and the perfect way to express your style and creativity. A floral crown can easily complement whimsical, boho brides, modern […]

Guest Post: Wedding Photography 101 – Avoid These 5 Mistakes

The wedding day is one of the most important days in anyone’s life. Besides all the things that will make it memorable, the best memories you will have are the ones you can always go back to – wedding photos. And you will want those memories to reflect the most precious moments in a way […]

How Hiring a Toronto Party Planner Can Be Beneficial

Throwing a party can be a very fun experience, but one that comes with a lot of stress as well. The time that has to be put into an event is quite significant and a bit much for a person who has other obligations. For people in this type of situation, finding the right party […]

3 Tips on Creating Great Family Portraits in Chatham Ontario

The best way for a family to get the important times of their lives recorded is by having pictures made on a frequent basis. There are a variety of different factors that go into taking great pictures and making sure they are all covered is important. A family will have to first decide on the […]

6 Hair Care Tips for Your Wedding Day

Apart from being known as the auspicious ceremony that ties people together, the wedding day is also the big day for the brides, where they must look their best. While choosing a perfect wedding dress and wedding cake is subject to personal taste and choices, the only thing that can get out of hand is […]

Guest Post: Things to Think about When Planning out a Wedding

There are a number of occasions in a person’s life that will be memorable and stressful all at the same time. Taking the time to savor these moments and enjoy them can go a long way in the future. Among the most important days in most people’s lives is their wedding day. Planning out all […]

Guest Post: Tips on Gift Buying For Your Loved Ones

There are a number of occasions in life that will require a person to buy a gift for another. Finding the right gifts can be a lot easier said than done. Getting the right gifts chosen can be an extensive process, but it is more than worth it when you get to see the look […]

Guest Post: Physical Wedding Invitations vs. Social Media Invites

This is a digital age—there’s no doubt about it. Some people say that print media is dead. Although this is not necessarily true, it’s difficult to argue that the advancement of technology and the rampant use of social media has not made huge changes in the way people interact with one another. If there’s one […]

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