Guest Post: How to Host a Wedding Whilst Keeping the Costs Low and the Attendance High

wedding teepee pictures

You might think that to have a wedding that costs the earth, you’ll have to cut down the number of people that you have at your wedding. This isn’t always the case. If you and your partner have big families or lots of friends, then there are lots of ways that you can cut the […]

Top Reasons to Get Married Abroad!


If you’re engaged to be married, you’re more than likely planning your wedding excitedly. One huge aspect of getting married is the location. Some wouldn’t dream of having it anywhere other than home, while others would rather travel far away with their loved one. Are you wondering about getting married abroad? Here are some top […]

5 Alternative Hen Party Ideas

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Hen parties don’t have to be full of novelty accessories, L plates and naughty behaviour. If you are looking for a different way to celebrate your impending nuptials, you’re in luck, because we are offering 5 alternative hen party ideas you will adore. 1. Afternoon Tea Afternoon tea is one of the most elegant ways […]

Green Up Your Wedding With Paperless Post!

bachelor party invitations paperless post

Over the years I’ve been a huge fan of Paperless Post and in the last few years they started doing big things! Now you have a variety of stationery options available for every occasion leading up to the wedding. Paperless Post helps you create online and paper stationery that reflects your individual style and they have brought in big […]

Inspirational Ideas For A Unique And Memorable Wedding


Source Weddings don’t have to be a traditional white wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is your day for yourself and your partner. If you’re not a conventional couple, don’t be afraid to bring your personality into your wedding plans. Your wedding day is also something that you will remember for you the rest of your […]

Get Organized with These Top Wedding Planning Tips


Are you the type of woman who has an unrivaled stationery collection, a meticulously organized bookshelf, and a color-coded wardrobe? If so, you probably don’t need much help keeping your wedding planning in order. But for those of us who aren’t perfectionists, all the details can get a little out of hand. Even for women […]

The stag party Hollywood manual


Source Interestingly, the stag party film sub-genre doesn’t really seem to have been tapped into by British cinema – perhaps we’re slightly more reticent in this regard, or maybe the likes of Christopher Nolan, Stephen Frears and Mike Leigh don’t really fancy using their formidable talents to film a group of actors in mankinis stumbling […]

Wedding Honeymoon Guide: Ideas, Romantic Locations and Deals


This article is a guest post from one of the top hotels in Montreal, Gouverneur Hotel Montreal. Your honeymoon is a time where you and your spouse can have that special time with one another whether you are in a city setting, or you are tucked away in a secluded beach. So where are the […]

Guest Post: Alternative Honeymoon Inspiration

Austin Motel, Austin, Texas

The big day aside, planning a honeymoon is one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding as it allows you and your new spouse to spend some much-needed time together after the hype and stress of the planning process. With so many truly incredible countries in which to spend your honeymoon, deciding upon the […]

Guest Post: Top 5 tips on choosing your honeymoon destination


Even though search for an ideal honeymoon destination looks like a “sweet torment” for newlyweds, they should actually discover the right way of satisfying both sides preferences. My darling and I had luck to have the most perfect wedding in the world which will remain in our memories for the whole life. Indeed, we had […]

Top Tips For Picking Your Bridal Party


Choosing who you want to be your bridesmaids can be incredibly difficult. Especially, when you have girlfriends, sisters and cousins all fighting for a place by you at the alter. But who should you choose? Picking your bridesmaids can be tricky and can become incredibly stressful. Of course, you don’t want to upset or offend […]

Bridal Bliss: Your Guide To Beautiful Reception Decor


Designing the interior of your wedding reception is something with which every bride struggles. If you don’t have a clear idea in your mind already, you should spend some time looking at bridal magazines. When you find a style that suits your personal taste, you can use it as the main theme of your reception. […]

Alternative Wedding Transportation

With wedding season fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about how your guests will get to your wedding and get around if it’s a destination wedding. There are a number of factors included in wedding transportation planning and we’ve come up with some unique ideas that will make your wedding weekend memorable and a […]

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