How To Plan A Wedding On A Budget!

Most people dream of what their wedding days will look like someday, from the venue to the flowers to the first song they’ll dance to as husband and wife. What they don’t dream about is paying off their credit cards, going into debt or struggling to get a loan. According to a survey by The […]

Diamonds Aren’t Your Only Friends

Diamonds are beautiful, yet unbreakable. Perhaps this is why they are a popular choice for engagement rings; the best symbol of your relationship with your (hopefully) future spouse. However, it wasn’t always this poetic. Although the aristocracy have been using diamond engagement rings in 1447 – when the Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very […]

Cliched Wedding Locations That Are Actually Worth It

Pexels Lots of couples try and avoid cliches like the plague on their wedding day. Some girls prefer to ditch the white dress in favor of something that suits their personality better. And now lots of couples are swapping the traditional roast dinner wedding breakfast for something quirky like burgers or pies. However, not every […]

Don’t Slip and Slide: What You Need to Know About Weddings in The Fall

The late summer is a beautiful and rather warm time; bees are starting to swarm drunkenly around, not quite as coordinated as they used to be, and we’re sitting outside in the evenings to enjoy as much as possible of the summer that’s left. Although we’re going to miss the season with all of its […]

Weddings Can Be Fun! Here’s How

Why is it that some people believe that weddings should be a serious, austere affair? They really don’t have to be. If you want to make sure that you, your partner, and all of your loved ones have the most fun ever on your wedding day, there are a few different things you can do: […]

Cutest Summertime Proposal Ideas

Is there anything better than the hot, glorious days of summer and sheer beauty and glamour you get to see in this time of year? Winter is great and all, but how do you pop the question with both of your hands too frozen to reach for the ring? So, if you like the fun […]

Bathroom accessories for perfect wedding gift

When a young couple moves into their first house or apartment, there are numerous items that they will need to set up their household. You may consider creating Bathroom accessories for perfect wedding gift basket to help the happy couple set up a happy home. Bath accessory basket One type of bathroom gift basket that […]

4 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Bar

While we’re totally on board for making your wedding yours – the one thing that’s almost universally necessary is an open bar. Think of it like Field of Dreams – if you open bar it, they will come…and have a good time. There are several things to take into account when creating your Wedding Bar […]

Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

For every couple, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. These days a lot of couple also want their wedding day to represent them. They are coming up with fun ideas to incorporate their story into their wedding day. Check out some really cool ideas to personalize your wedding and making […]

Relaxation and Meditation Tips For Brides

Planning a wedding is stressful, and, unfortunately, the stress of the big day and the minutiae of planning often take a toll on the couple—and especially the bride. While I loved my wedding day, there are a million things that I would have done differently to help simplify the day. Hindsight, though, is always clearer […]

Putting Your Own Stamp On A Traditional Wedding

There’s a reason why traditional weddings are still incredibly popular. Many couples love the romance of the ceremony and the customs that have spanned the ages. If you’re planning a traditional wedding, but you want to put your own stamp on the day and make your celebration unique, there are so many ways you can […]

Take A Picture – The 5 Most Important Photos

Planning a wedding tends to take so many months because there are so many people to organize! You need your caterers, your florists, your dress designer, and your celebrant. There’s the venue to book, and the decorations to design. Of course, you want to be able to remember every little detail of your big day […]

Remembering Your Special Day

Image Source Your wedding is bound to be a memorable day. However, there are ways that you can prevent it becoming a haze of foggy events in the future. Here are just a few useful tips. Pace yourself with the booze You don’t want to get blackout drunk on your wedding day and forget the […]

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