Wedding Planning Advice from Glaswegian Brides

No one ever said that planning a wedding was easy. In fact, because wedding planning is so time-consuming and stressful, so many brides turn into ‘bridezillas.’ To make your wedding planning process an easier one on everyone involved, there are some pretty simple steps that you can take, as well as some tips that you […]

Wedding reception venues in Melbourne

Are you planning on having a party or celebrating an important event or milestone? You will without a doubt be looking for the ideal place to bring all your guests together and enjoy. Melbourne has a lot of locations that it can be hard to choose just one. Especially if you have to do other […]

How to Throw the Perfect Party: 6 Tips

Who says your party has to be mediocre?  There is such a thing as a perfect party. All it need is your wholehearted commitment and the ability to do some research on good party planning. Planning a party requires good organizational skills and the willingness to think outside the box. How well your party turns […]

The Six Biggest Wedding Reception Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Your wedding reception is a huge part of the best day of your life. But if you’ve never held one before, how are you supposed to get it right? With our tips, even if you are a novice party planner, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes and achieve a fantastic wedding reception. […]

Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

You’ve picked your venue, bought your dress, hired your florist and finished up all of your other wedding planning now it’s time to start thinking about wedding gifts. You may be in stumped on what to do for a wedding gift and if you’ve waited until the last minute it’s okay there’s still time and we […]

Nude Life Drawing Hen Parties!

You are bridesmaid! Congratulations, it’s time to get all glammed up and celebrate one of the most important days of your friend’s life. But before you get too wrapped up in the actual wedding celebrations you have a very important job to do. Time to organise the Hen Party! Where do you even start? Well […]

Upping the Ante on Your Beach Wedding

Image by THE MERLIN PHUKET via Flickr We know your wedding is all about you – and it well should be! However, if you have a destination wedding in mind, or even in current play, your guests have made considerable effort to get there and it certainly would make the entire wedding merrier if everyone […]

Bold and Bright Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Roses and peonies may be the most popular flowers for wedding centerpieces, but did you know that they pair well with exotic blooms such as protea and air plants? Whether you’re a seasoned florist, or a DIY bride, you can never run out of ideas for creative floral pairings. That’s why FTD created these 7 wedding centerpiece ideas, […]

Social Media at Weddings – Infographic

We are in the majority hooked to our smartphones; it’s now simply a way of life for us all. We wake up in the morning and likely one of the first things we do is to check our phones. If we are going on holiday, many people like to check in at the airport not […]

Planning The Perfect Wedding Party For Value And Quality

A great party is one that is remembered for all of the right reasons – with potentially one or two of the wrong ones for anecdote purposes. Some of the best parties are the impromptu ones that you pull together in a matter of hours because everyone’s in the right place. Occasion parties, however, will […]

How to the Check Quality of a Diamond in an Engagement Ring

Image by Secret Sauce via Flick When it comes to diamonds, you will find many different subtleties that can affect the value, and unless you are a qualified gemmologist, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a valuable diamond, and one that is worth much less. When we go to a jeweller shop, […]

Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding invitations are an essential if not one of the most important components when planning a wedding. A wedding invite helps you to know how many of the people you invite turn up to your special day, it’s a way to get the word out there and is a great accessory to keep long after […]

Give Your Wedding Party Style And Fashion

Your wedding day is just over the horizon, and we’re sure you’re already getting excited. But there’s still a lot to do before you take that memorable walk towards the rest of your life. We know that a lot of brides to be are eager to ensure that their wedding day stands out from the […]

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