How To Handle A Disaster At Your Wedding

The one thing many couples don’t want to think about, is something going wrong at their wedding. Weddings cost a whole lot of money, and something going wrong could seriously impact the day. It could mean something crucial is missing, and that the experience is impacted for guests. If you want to make sure you are prepared for whatever comes your way, these tips can help you:

Think Of Every Eventuality
There are all kinds of eventualities that could happen on your wedding day, no matter how well you plan. Try to think of them all and what you could do if any of them happened. The worst thing you can do is just hope for the best and then have a melt down when something bad happens. If you’ve thought of everything in advance, you’ll worry less.

Appoint Somebody Else To Be In Charge Of Disasters
In advance, pick somebody you really trust (perhaps the maid of honour) to be in charge of disaster control. This allows you to continue enjoying your special day, rather than worrying about what you’re going to do. Having help with any issues on the day will take a lot of the stress off you.

Get Insurance On Your Wedding
You can’t always stop disasters from happening, so insurance on your wedding is a must. They aren’t exactly cheap! Insurance won’t stop something from happening either, but you will at least be covered and won’t lose out. Check out the infographic below for stats!

credit to Wedinsure


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