7 Foods You Should Not Serve at Your Wedding

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Arguably one of the most important parts of your life is going to be your wedding. This is a big moment for everyone involved as this means that you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with that special someone. However, what happens after the wedding ceremony is over? Of course, everyone is going to head to the reception area to have some amazing food and celebrate this special occasion. But you may be a bit confused about what kinds of food should be served at your wedding and which you should stay away from. Well, we’re going to chat a bit more about the foods that you definitely don’t want to have served at your wedding down below. Keep reading to learn some more – you’re going to be glad that you did!

  • Cocktail Food That Can’t Be Eaten with One Hand

If you’re going to have a cocktail hour after the ceremony and before the real food is served, you’re going to need some cocktail food. Everyone wants to have little snacks that they can feast on while they drink their champagne and cocktails. However, you should make sure that this cocktail food isn’t too complicated or complex to eat. Your guests are only going to have one hand to eat with as they hold their glasses in their other hands. Go for simple cocktail foods that can just be popped into your mouth with one hand. Your guests are going to thank you for this one!

  • Out of Season Ingredients

Work with your caterer to ensure that they are only using the most fresh ingredients for the recipes they are making. This is because if you go with out-of-season ingredients, they are not going to be as fresh and taste as good as fresh foods that are in season. If you are having your wedding in the fall months, then stay away from summer fruits and veggies that might not taste as good as they might in the spring and summer months.

  • Raw Onions

One of the worst foods that you can have at your reception are raw onions. No matter how much you enjoy the taste of onions, no one wants that kind of bad breath at a wedding reception. Make sure to stay away from any dishes with raw onions in them if you want everyone’s breath to stay fresh and clean.

  • Common Allergens

It’s important to just stay away from dishes with common allergens in them. It’s going to be really annoying to have to ask everyone for their dietary restrictions or what allergies they might have. Stay away from common allergens like nuts and let everyone know what is in the dishes you are serving.

  • Messy Foods

Stick away from any kinds of food items that are going to have a high “splatter-factor”. This includes foods like spaghetti, other pastas, or any kind of juices made by your Juicer Cruiser that could be easily spilt. These are going to be super messy and you definitely don’t want someone to have a lot of pasta sauce all over them during a wedding reception because you served food that’s a bit too messy.

  • Any Food Items That Have Spinach

Even though spinach-based foods are very popular for wedding receptions, especially during cocktail hour, it’s important to stay away from spinach during your wedding. This is because spinach can easily get caught in your guest’s teeth and cause for some awkward encounters when they have to dig it out.

  • Dishes with A Ton of Butter or Cream

It’s important for you not have dishes that are loaded down with butter or cream. When guests eat a lot of dairy, they are going to feel fuller than they would with dishes without butter or cream. Plus, they are going to have much more room for your amazing dessert that’s going to be served.

When it comes to your wedding day, you should want everything to be absolutely perfect. And this of course includes your reception and what foods you’re going to serve during it. Stay away from the above food items and you’re going to be safe!

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