Real Mission Inn Resort Wedding: Andrea & Collin

Andrea and Collin first met during their first week of freshman year at the University of South Florida. Both majoring in biomedical sciences at the time, they first locked eyes when placed in the same lab group during chemistry class. After class, Collin asked Andrea out to grab lunch and to his excitement she said yes! It was a match made in heaven and by the end of freshman year the two were dating exclusively. Collin loves how similar their interests are and how entertained he is by Andrea’s clumsiness – yes clumsiness, but aren’t we all! Andrea loves Collin’s sense of humor and how he can always make her laugh no matter what the situation may be. The two also love how each one is willing to try out new things and go on adventures together. Little did Andrea know the adventure she would be on during their trip to Discovery Cove.

Collin knew that he wanted his engagement to Andrea to be fun, silly, and adventurous. He surprised Andrea with taking her to Discovery Cove, but that was just the start. While in the water during their dolphin encounter, watching the dolphins do tricks and swim about, a dolphin came right up to Andrea with a bouy. To her shock, the bouy said “Andrea will you marry me” written in bold letters. Of course Andrea said yes to both the dolphin and of course her hubby to be Collin! They ended their special day in a private cabana that Collin had decorated with flowers and a treasure chest with a diamond engagement ring sweetly placed inside. Test tubes, beakers, and flasks filled with wild flowers adorned each table in this science themed wedding. The periodic table of elements acted as a way for guests to find their assigned table, which matched an element card on the table. Andrea and Collin even incorporated a dash of fire as they replaced the sand pouring with a chemical pouring during their ceremony. Thanks so much to Orlando wedding photographer, Corner House Photography for submitting this wedding via Two Bright Lights.


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Photographer:  Corner House Photography//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:mens warehouse //Event Venue: Mission Inn Resort//DJ: Our DJ Rocks//Jewelry: Swarovski//Jewelry: The Diamond District//Dress Store: Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe//Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my adorable couple’s wedding. Andrea and Collin were truly such a blast to capture and loved every moment of their big day. I am a very lucky photographer to have had such an incredible couple 🙂


    Samantha Eckhaus with Corner House Photography


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