Crazy About Naked Cakes!

I love the naked cake trend! Not only is it super easy for any baker you can dress it up and you can dress it down and its perfect for any occasion. Make sure you stick to a few key details when ordering or making your naked cake to ensure it will be perfection!

Since naked cakes tend to be more natural and organic feeling style your cake with natural elements like succulents, rosemary or lavender instead of big romantic peonies and roses. Fresh fruit will make your cake pop with color and give it that fresh, organic look and smaller flowers will make it look romantic.

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Make sure you pick flavors and fillings that will help keep your style cohesive, meaning you’ll want to stick to flavors in a similar color profile. All of your frostings and fillings have to make sense when eaten as a whole. Every filling should be a sliceable consistency when cold or room temperature. There is no hiding fillings or underset layers with a naked cake!

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One thing to remember is as long as you bake your cake evenly and have good buttercream you can do this yourself!! The biggest rule is not to stack the layers to far in advance because they will dry out since they are exposed. Also think about trimming off the edges because it will bring out the color of the cake as well as make it look cleaner. Naked cakes make great mini dessert cakes as well! Just pull out your little perfect round cookie cutter!!


I came across a great The Naked Cake Recipe on Good Housekeeping. The best part is the recipe gives you options for 6, 8 and 10-inch sponge cake recipe along with a full tutorial on how to assemble your cake!

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