How to Look Best on Your Wedding Day? (For Grooms)

Being the groom in your wedding has a lot of perks, which includes spending some cherished times with your family and being the centre of all jokes, and of course driving home with the love of your life! But along with all the fun and merriment, there are a lot of expectations that people have from you!

Now you don’t really have to live by the expectations of everyone around you but it is always appreciated if you show up well-groomed on your wedding day! Now for some guys it is as simple as taking a shower and putting on a tux, but for some it is about getting a rocking haircut, a fancy shave and probably a facial too! Whatever might be your requirements, here are a set of tips to make sure that whatever you do doesn’t become a damper on your wedding!

  • Care for your skin

If you want to have some beautiful snaps at your wedding then you better sort out your skin issues before hand. Drink lots of water everyday as that will help cleanse your skin. And I am clearly stating it now, ‘Do NOT try out new skincare products at the eleventh hour’! You might end up looking worse than before. Know your skin and what suits it. This will allow you to come up with a skincare strategy that is just perfect.

  • Get a shave!

People always like a sharp and well-kept beard. So, keep your beard well-trimmed for the event. You can even opt for a professional barber of your choice to get that sleek look!

Sometimes if you are trying to get the perfect stubble, you should experiment with beard growth many days before the wedding. Also opt for some quality beard care products to keep it glossy and shining!

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  • Hold your strands down!

Now managing one’s hair can be another big headache for some when it comes to the wedding. Before we begin, let me tell you that your better half loves you the way you are and you shouldn’t try to do something out-of-the-box at the last minute just to surprise her! By now you should know what suits you best and try to maintain that look by trimming it regularly.

Everyone loves a color streak, but just before the wedding day, it is equivalent to playing with fire so make sure you don’t get any strange ideas. Also, if you want to manage your hair try opting for a hair spray instead of the regular gel for a better look!

  • Don’t forget your hands and feet!

There is nothing girly about getting a manicure. Many greater men have done it before and you can do it too! Your wedding is probably the only day when people will notice every little aspect about you, so stop whining and bite the bullet! And at the end you are going to have a wonderful set of hands to use! So that’s a plus!

Getting a facial might be asking too much of you but if you are really confident about your manhood this really should not be any problem for you. It is a great way to clean your face and keep it healthy.

And for listening to me for this long, you should reward yourself with a nice relaxing massage! That should remove the stress from your shoulders!

  • Take a whiff of yourself!

Now a lot of the guys pride themselves in the number of days they go before taking a shower, which is definitely not the right way to go about it on your D-day. Get a good warm shower with a good quality soap and shampoo.
And I cannot stress on the importance of not drowning yourself with cologne or trying out new exotic ones. Remember you want people to feel welcomed and not twitch their noses every time they come in your five feet radius zone!

These are just some general tips on how to get you ready! But a wedding is about more than any of this, it is about finally getting to be with your loved one and that is what you should be enjoying rather than worrying about your looks! Just remember to stay true to yourself and not turn into another person on your wedding just for the sake of good photographs!

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