The Latest Trend: Open Engagements

These days, it is no longer always necessarily the case that the man has to get down on one knee and surprise his partner with an engagement. Increasingly, people are turning to different kinds of engagement, each of them just as valid. One particularly popular one which is becoming more and more common in recent years is the open engagement. This is simply when both parties have already agreed upon an engagement, before the official declaration itself has happened. This usually happens in long-term relationships where neither really mind too much about traditional gender roles or anything of the sort. But how can you plan an open engagement with your other half?


Choose A Date

One of the great things about doing it out in the open is that you can both agree upon many of the details together. One such detail that is likely to be important is the date. By this, we mean both the date and time, but also the setting and the experience itself. Just because there is no surprise element in an open engagement doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourselves to something fantastic. In many ways, you might find that you can make it even more special, hat with both of you putting your heads together in this way. When you are choosing a date, be sure to keep in meaningful and romantic, so that you can get the most out of it. And most importantly, make sure that both of you are genuinely happy about it.

The Rings

Another benefit of the open engagement is that you can both choose your engagement rings before the proposal itself. This means that neither party have to wait until a little further down the line to have a ring. Actually, you might decide that you are your partner want to keep this one bit secret from each other. You could each go off and buy your engagement ring, and then surprise each other with it on the day. Alternatively, you could shop together, finding the perfect rings to go together in order to symbolise your impending unity. Get the ring right, and you will find that most of the excitement is now really bubbling up!



Some couples like to have an audience to witness their promise of unity, while others prefer a situation in which they are completely alone. It all depends on the people involved, and if you talk together you will probably be able to figure out what it is that is best for you as a couple. If you do want an audience, be sure to give them plenty of warning so that you can get as many people there as you like. If you are doing it alone, consider still telling people about it – but you could always wait until afterwards if you prefer. Then, it’s just a matter of what to do next. Some say it’s a good excuse for a mini-honeymoon, and there is definitely something to be said for that theory!


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