The I Dos and I Don’ts Of Having Kids At Your Wedding

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The I Dos and I Don’ts Of Having Kids At Your Wedding

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The idea of having children at a wedding is a pretty hotly debated topic. There are those who think that a wedding should be a classy, adults-only affair and that kids have no place in an event so special and important. Then there are those who think that kids bring huge amounts of life and fun into any wedding. Not only that but those kinds of people believe that the most important thing about weddings is family so it would be unfair, even hypocritical, to put any kind of “no kids allowed” rule in place. Of course, it’s your wedding, so you have final say over who is and isn’t allowed to attend but if you do decide that children are welcome at your wedding, here are a few simple dos and don’ts to make life easier for everyone.

DO set aside a place for kids to play

Make sure that there are things like crayons and Lego for them to play with and keep themselves occupied. Weddings can be incredibly fun for kids. They get to meet people, eat lots of tasty food, and dance until they pass out. However, there are also long periods of adults talking to each other about things that they may not really understand, so it’s hardly surprising that they start to get bored. By providing them a space to play and stay occupied, they’re much less likely to start causing any kind of disturbance.

DO get them involved

Kids love getting involved in things that they see as grown-up activities, and there are few things more grown-up than a wedding. Give them the chance to dress up for the occasions, and they’ll feel much more involved. After all, there are few things more adorable than a little girl in a dress matching the bridesmaids or a neat little boys Armani suit. If you really want to get kids involved in your wedding, then you could make them page boys or flower girls. Some people even have kids present the rings to the bride and groom just to add a little extra touch of cuteness and charm to proceedings.

DON’T forget to explain it to them

Weddings might seem like something we’re all just aware of from an early age, but it’s important to remember that there’s a chance that many children won’t necessarily understand what it involves. By explaining things to them well in advance, they’ll have a much greater understanding of how to behave and are much less likely to become frustrated, bored or upset.

DON’T expect them to sit still

This is something that you’re just going to have to come to terms with if you decide that kids are welcome at your wedding. Kids get fidgety and distracted much more quickly than adults do and there’s nothing you can really do about it. If you’re stressing out over the idea of kids running around and doing the kinds of things that they will inevitably do then you’re just going to end up making your own life harder. The best thing to do is just embrace it and laugh along with the silliness and joy that children can so often bring to any event.

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