The New Rules for Wearing a Bikini You Must Know for your Honeymoon

After all the stress of planning your wedding, it’s not good if you are stressing out about packing for your honeymoon. Since so many couples opt to go somewhere warm, you will have to choose the right bathing suit. This alone can cause nightmares. There’s no reason to stress, though. You should pack a great bikini and move on. Don’t worry about all those rules that you’ve been told in the past because they no longer apply. Here’s a look at the new rules.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Both the size of your bikini and the size of your body don’t matter anymore. Whether you wear a size zero or a size 22, you can wear a bikini and look amazing. In the past, they didn’t even make them for larger sizes, but today there are so many designers rolling out plus sized suits. They are cute and make the women wearing them look stunning. People are more open to celebrating women of all sizes these days. There’s no need to worry about what other people think.

Your honeymoon is about you and your new husband. Dress to impress him and nobody else. Wear what makes you happy. If that is a small string bikini or a high waisted one, then don’t let others make you feel bad about it. It’s your choice, so you do you.

Age Is Just a Number

Not every bride is in her 20s, but that is okay. If you are older, you can still rock a cool suit on your honeymoon. Your new hubby certainly won’t mind. If you fall in love with a two piece, then buy it and pack it in your bags. You simply can’t follow old rules that say you have to be a certain age to pull off this style of suit. Bikinis are for everyone of every age.

No Need for a Cover Up

Long ago, flaunting your body on the beach in a skimpy suit was completely frowned upon. You were expected to wear a cover up if children were around because it was indecent to not do so. Those days are long gone. You shouldn’t have to sweat it out in the hot sun because someone else has an aversion to skin. Wear your bikini proudly. Flaunt your stuff. If you are on the beach, nobody should be telling you to cover up.

Do keep in mind, though, that you still have to follow some basic guidelines. Once you step off the beach, if you are going anywhere, you probably should cover up. Wearing any kind of bathing suit around town usually isn’t appropriate. You just have to be mindful of the unspoken rules. If others are covered up, then you should be too just out of respect for the community you are visiting. It’s cool to show off your style and self-confidence, but it’s not cool to be disrespectful.

Keep It Comfortable

The biggest new rule you must follow is that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. If you feel good, it will show. You’ll turn heads even if your body is model perfect. People will know you are comfortable and having a great time. Not only will this attitude make you shine but it will also ensure that you have a good time.

This may involve overcoming longstanding issues within yourself. However, when you step out in a bikini that first time, it can be incredibly exhilarating. You are showing others that you are your own person and don’t care at all what judgments they are passing on you. In the end, you have to do what you feel is right. If wearing a two piece feels right to you, then do it.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the new rules really aren’t rules at all. There are no restrictions anymore. You should wear what you feel good in and what you want. Letting other people tell you what to wear is a worn-out idea. These new rules help to guarantee that you are happy and can wear whatever you want. It’s about freedom of expression and throwing off all those expectations and judgments of the past. Women can be who they want, wear what they want, and not worry about any ancient rules.

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