Dreadful Frown Lines – How Do You Get Rid of Them


What are frown lines? Who gets frown lines? What causes frown lines and how do you get rid of them? To start you off, you should know that frown lines refer to the lines that look wrinkly between your eyebrows, the vertical ones, also known as glabellar lines. They are however NOT the lines/wrinkles that form right on your forehead, those are worry lines.

What causes glabellar lines?

They are caused by different causes and they are not limited to people in old age. The main cause of these frown lines include:

  • Sun damage

Exposure to the sun isn’t an entirely good thing. There are health benefits of vitamin D, healthy bones and all, but exposure to the sun for long periods of time ceases to be beneficial. The sun’s UV rays break down collagen and elastin resulting in skin thinning and weakness. The end result is glabellar lines.

  • Smoking

This habit dehydrates the skin causing breakdown of important skin proteins. Elasticity is lost as well. Stress results in wrinkling too.

  • Aging

The inevitable natural cellular process involving more cellular degradation rather than regeneration.  As a result of faster degradation, the dermal cells are unable to remain young and active. They thin out. The skin fibers, collagen and elastin also age. There is less water retention and dehydrated skin is unhealthy. This gradual process results in formation of fine lines.

Hereditary features have also been blamed for making some skin types more susceptible to worry lines than others. This is why some people have worry lines in their 20s.

How to get rid of worry lines

Once you have worry lines, you shouldn’t fret much because as it turns out, it is an inevitable process. The following techniques and habits will reverse the process.

  • Botox

This is a common procedure that involves use of injectable fillers. They aren’t for everyone though. This is because people are different and will look different with the fillers. However, Botox works effectively through the use of botulism serum. The injected serum is known to immobilize the muscles preventing wrinkles. This is a renowned solution and answer to the question, ‘how to get rid of frown lines’? The other alternative is use of injectable transdermal fillers.

  • Cosmetic surgery

This is of course a last resort solution. It involves surgically tightening the skin. The result is a smoother and wrinkle free skin.

  • Anti-wrinkle creams

There are an ever rising number of anti-wrinkle creams. The creams have been fortified with antioxidants, vitamins and other cellular regenerating ingredients. Some of the other ingredients you should look out for in wrinkle creams include green tea, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and CoQ10.

  • Use of sunscreen

To prevent the damaging effects of the sun on the skin, it is imperative that you use sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Even when there is vast cloud cover because the sun’s UV rays are strongest then. This will prevent breakdown of skin firming collagen and elastin proteins. You should incorporate a good moisturizer too.

  • Change in lifestyle

Lifestyle changes are tough but the habits have the worst effects. You are advised to start small and get into the habit of mindful living. Some of the main natural and lifestyle change remedies include meditation, yoga, reducing intake of caffeine, eating a healthy diet, taking walks in fresh air, and working out.

In conclusion, the dreadful frown lines are reversible and manageable. You have the power to live a frown line free life. All you have to do is avoid the causative agents or processes and adapting healthy living practices. Consult a dermatologist as well for better management and eradication of the frown lines.

Author Bio: Christie Frank is a dermatologist. She answers the question ‘how to get rid of frown lines’ on her blog. There are many other answered beauty questions on her page. Check out to learn more.

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