Real Wedding: Irene & Dan

We met 5 years ago at a Giants game at AT&T Park. Getting close to our seats, my Dad miss-stepped and started to fall forward. Dan caught sight of this, jumped out of his seat to catch my Dad. I already had him by the belt (he didn’t fall). Our seats were right behind Dan and his son, Robert. No one sat on either side of any of us, for about 6 seats.

Just us – me behind Robert and my Dad behind Dan. He called me two days later. We talked for a long time on the phone and came to discover that our lives experienced similar tragedies – our spouses died of the same bone cancer (mine 13 years prior, Dan’s 3) and just how much we did have in common – an easy conversation. We literally stumbled upon each other and have been inseparable since – realizing, “we just love us”. We were fine on our own, but we realized eventually, that “fine” wasn’t good enough and agreed that together, we could be truly amazing. And we lived happily ever after…

Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG0030_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG0545_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG0558_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG0563_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG7760_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG7769_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG7783_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG7789_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8022_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8086_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8107_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8111_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8137_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8490_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8513_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG8698_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9039_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9059_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9068_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9682_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9774_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9846_low Macres_Letters_Portrait_Design_by_Shanti_IMG9909_low

Photography: Portrait Design by Shanti

Florist: Flowers by Kasia Cichowicz

Wedding Gown: Rin’s Bridal Salon

Cake: Elegant Cheesecakes

Music: Golden State Productions

Grooms Attire: Selix Tuxedos

Church: Our Lady of the Pillar

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