7 Ways to Choose the Perfect Wine for Your Wedding

Wedding happens only once between couples in general scenarios, a reason which is enough to highlight the importance of water-tight arrangements. There are various arrangements which have to be made, but one of the most difficult ones is the choice of wine. Wine might make the mood of your guests; it might spoil their moods also. So, while planning the right wine for your wedding, you should be extremely careful. Let us have a look at some ways to choose the perfect wine for your wedding.

  • Do Not Give Much Importance to Season

Season is not very much important when it comes to wine selection for your wedding. While it might look like a bad advice when given at first, the explanation which proceeds should surely justify the reason behind the statement. While people feel that winter demands red and summer demands white wine, it is not the case. Firstly, people drink the wine they love in any season, be it winter, summer or spring. Also, the tastes of the individual wines are what matters more–in comparison to the season.

  • Menu Should Be the Most Important Factor

Menu is considered as the most important factor while selecting the wine which you are going to use. The kind of meat and dish you are going to serve to the guests acts as the immediate determiner of the kind of wine that you should serve. For example, Chicken should be accompanied with either white or red wine which should be on the lighter side. Likes of fish are preferred along with even lighter Greek wines while other seafood’s also have same kind of suitability. However, Beef requires a strong red wine while pork demands a strong white one. So, once you are deciding on the menu, make sure that you select wine at the same time along with the menu as per the advices given above.

  • Have Simple Varieties

Having the simple yet lucrative varieties which are generally used is the best idea that is accepted by everyone. While people might think that special occasion demands very high quality of wine even if its prices touch the room, the notion is wrong. High-priced special wines have some specialty which is liked by some but unlike by others. So, if you are going for a special one, you are risking spoiling the party of many.

  • Make Sure the Temperatures Are Maintained

After the food-wine pairing, the second most important pairing is the wine-optimum temperature pairing. You should know the details of the required optimum temperature for the wines that you are serving and maintain the temperatures as per demand. There is no essence of serving wines out of the optimum range.

  • Serve in adequate quantity and not too much

As per thumb rule, maximum of three ounces should be served to any guest at a time such that the wine does not get wasted. Firstly, you are not aware of the drinking habits of the person you are serving. So, serving excess amount might lead to waste. Secondly, the temperatures cannot be maintained while the wine is inside the glass, so the wine might get heated up and might be wasted. So, serve in sensible amounts.

  • Take average of a bottle per person

Generally, you should take a bottle a person while estimating the amount of wine that you are going to need. Some might drink a bit more; some might drink a bit less, but a bottle a person is considered as a safe number. Having an abundance quality of wine is better than having a shortage of wine. Also, go for a simple wine in both white and red categories to be on the safe side.

  • Budget for the Wine

While choosing the wine, budget plays a very important role. If needed, go for the normal varieties on a bit lower side rather than the expensive varieties. Also do remember to pair your wine with the type of cuisine you have at your wedding. An expensive bottle of good wine high with a bad pairing might spoil the taste. So you should know the details of the wine pairing along with the budget.

These are the points you should take care of while choosing the perfect wine for your wedding.

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