How Each MBTI Type Reacts to a Wedding Proposal

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Wedding proposals are an emotional affair but not all MBTI personality types are emotional. Some are better at concealing their feelings than others. So how does each MBTI type react to this glorious occasion?


The INTJ isn’t surprised because she’s had a hunch that a proposal was coming. Her intuition is almost always right but she’ll still feel warm and fuzzy and reciprocate with a rare but very meaningful hug.


The ENTJ is ecstatic when she hears the proposal, even though she specifically picked the date for it. Always in control, she even has a professional photographer on call to document the reenactment.


Caught off-guard, the INTP will try to act calm but end up giggling nervously. She’ll attempt to hide her overwhelming emotions with a nerdy rant about the history of wedding proposals.


After saying yes, the unpredictable and inventive ENTP will also get down on one knee and propose to her loved one. She’s definitely not one for tradition and convention.


Even though the INFJ has known all along, thanks to her strong intuition, she still feels a surge of emotions. Before she starts crying she’ll whip out a heartfelt love letter she wrote weeks in advance.


The ENFJ can’t wait to announce the good news to her family and social circles. She’ll take a photo of her engagement ring and upload it on all her social media accounts.


After a shy nod, the dreamy and imaginative INFP will express how she feels like her favorite fictional character, Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, when Mr. Darcy proposes to her.


The creative and highly excitable ENFP will get teary-eyed and respond with a loud “Yes!” in seven different languages, including Klingon.


The sentimental ISFJ has been dreaming about this special day since she was a little girl. She’ll give her loved one a cherished letter she wrote when she was nine addressed to her prince.


After saying yes, the dutiful ESTJ will whip out her organizer and start planning. Always one step ahead, the ESTJ is already thinking of ordering a customized eternity ring for their first year anniversary.


The warmhearted ESFJ is genuinely surprised and can’t contain her tears. She’ll ask over and over again how her loved one was able to pull off the proposal without her suspecting anything.


Even while in the heady swirl of the moment, the meticulous ISTJ is busy making a mental list of all the things she needs to prepare for the wedding. From the reception to the honeymoon, she’s got it all sorted in her head.


The ISTP will attempt to play it cool but will have trouble keeping her emotions. After saying yes, she’ll change the subject with a long-winding discussion about how wedding proposals are done in the different countries she’s been to.


Right after the proposal, the ever dynamic ESTP will take her loved one on a last-minute road trip to all the places they’ve been planning to travel to.


The spontaneous ESFP will throw an engagement party right then and there to mark the occasion. As social butterflies, they can easily come up with a guest list even at the last minute.


The artistic ISFP will capture the extraordinary moment by making a quick sketch or taking a photo of the place where the proposal happened.

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