An Easy 5-Step Process to Finding the Best Suppliers for Your Wedding

Your wedding is the one special day that you’ve been dreaming about for a very long time. When the excitement of getting engaged wears down, you’ll soon realize the magnitude of responsibility required in planning a wedding. Remember, perfection never happens by accident. So, if you are looking to make your vision come to life, then you definitely need to have the right team of wedding suppliers who will deliver excellent products and services to meet your expectations. In order to help you find the best suppliers, here is a simple 5-step procedure that can be applied when scouting for any type of supplier from your make-up artist to the caterer.

1. Have an idea of what you want

This is the first aspect you should consider when choosing a supplier. Unfortunately, many people start the process of choosing a supplier without having a clue on exactly what they want. Such an ill-advised decision can often lead to disappointment and confusion. As much as it’s important to be flexible and open to various options, having a general idea of what you want will put you in a better position to identify the best suppliers.

2. Do your research​

An online wedding directory is the best place where you can research and get accurate information on the various wedding suppliers within your local area. The main benefit of visiting an online directory is that you’ll be able to create an account, refine your search and save your favorite vendors as you browse through the various options. Directories offer a one-stop resource where you’ll find everything you need from accommodation to flowers and even transport.

3. Send an enquiry

Once you identify certain suppliers who you are interest in, do get it touch with them to enquire about their products or services. An enquiry can be done in person, via email or through any other contact information provided. Be sure to give your name, contact details, wedding location and the product or service that you require. In addition, find out about their availability, prices, booking procedures, payment procedures and any other terms or conditions that apply.

4. Compare and contrast

Once you have gathered enough information about the suppliers, it is now time to consolidate the facts, compare and contrast. At this point, it is best to go back to the general idea and vision that you had in step 1. From your list of suppliers, choose the candidate that best matches your needs. If you find yourself with two of more options that seem identical, then do some more research and look into the finer details.

5. Make a final decision

Once you have decided to pick a particular supplier, contact them immediately and thereafter make it official by signing a contract that clearly outlines all the terms of agreement. At this point, you can let out a sigh of relief and celebrate the fact that you are much closer to making your dream wedding a reality.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Signal.


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