Remembering Your Special Day

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Your wedding is bound to be a memorable day. However, there are ways that you can prevent it becoming a haze of foggy events in the future. Here are just a few useful tips.

Pace yourself with the booze

You don’t want to get blackout drunk on your wedding day and forget the events that took place. It’s all too easy to get tipsy fast – a few drinks before the ceremony to build up some Dutch courage, followed by a champagne reception, followed by the meal and the drinks that come with it, followed by more champagne and lots of toasts. That’s not the mention the multiple drinks people will buy for you at the afterparty. Don’t be afraid to say no to drinks throughout the day so that you can pace yourself and maintain vivid memories.

Hire a professional photographer

You’ll want to have photographs to look back upon. Whilst a friend or family member may be able to do this, a professional photographer may be able to capture some more quality pictures from the day. It’s also worth looking into videography – you’ll then be able to relive the day in all its vivid detail.

Have a wedding guestbook

A guestbook can allow guests to write private messages and be a beautiful reminder of all the guests that came. You can make your own guestbook or buy one online. Place this somewhere where people are likely to go to such as by the cake or near the bar. Make sure to supply a pen!

Choose a quality ring

You’re going to be wearing that wedding ring for the rest of your life, so you may as well pick something that looks special. Whilst many choose matching rings, there’s no rule that says both of you need to wear the same ring, so feel free to choose a different ring if you don’t like your partner’s preference. You want the ring to be comfortable, so carefully consider any bulky rings or one’s with sharp edges. With all the other things to plan before a wedding, rings can sometimes be an expensive oversight that results in a rush to the jewellers the week before. Give yourself enough time to shop around for ring styles and prices and have a budget to stop you overspending.

Go easy on the keepsakes

There may be lots of items from your wedding that you want to keep hold of as a memento, but ask yourself if you really need them or if you’re just hoarding them. A scrapbook could be a creative way of storing various paraphernalia such as photos, ceremony booklets, your wedding certificate, sashes and ribbons. Other items may be better scrapped or sold. A lot of brides will cling onto their dress afterwards. Framing it could be an option, but if you’re just going to hang it in your wardrobe to collect dust, ask yourself whether you’d be better off selling it and keeping onto photos as a memory. There are many sites for selling your wedding dress – make sure to get it cleaned and pressed first.   

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