Guest Post: There Is More To The Jewelry You Wear

Even before, people all over the world have worn different types of jewelry throughout history. Some jewelry contains large precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and sapphires inlaid in precious metal.

Jewelry is not a primary need for humans. However, many spend much money on it. The principal purpose of why most women wear different jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces is because it increases and enhances the beauty and elegance of a woman. Moreover, it complements women’s clothing.

You need to select a striking jewelry piece that fits what you wear and radiates the stunning look you need to entrance people on various events and occasions. There are many different designs and materials used for each jewelry piece.

Materials used differ in quality and quantity. There are expensive and cheap materials utilized for an individual jewelry piece. Some use gold to make jewelry pieces with diamonds while others came from more inexpensive materials such as leather, silver, and copper.

When choosing the catchiest jewelry pieces to bedazzle your stylish outfit, you may consider looking at the latest trend of the year. Nevertheless, it would be better if your sense of style will express and show who you truly are.

My Fashion Style

Most people wear jewelry to show their fashion sense. It can complement their outfits and get-ups and improve their overall look significantly. Though the cost of a jewelry piece differs from one to the other, people still buy it.

Wearing jewelry is a way of expressing your sense of fashion and style. Moreover, some people would want to appear attractive and seductive to the opposite sex. At present, many companies manufacture jewelry that is stylish and trendy.

Your Status In Life

The materials used to make jewelry can be costly. Gold and other precious metals and stones are some of the pricey materials used. That is why you can associate a person’s status with a piece of jewelry. For example, a person wearing an expensive looking jewelry gives off an impression that the individual is well-off.

The way that precious stones like diamonds and rubies shimmer can attract and catch attention. Because of how the jewelry shines, it makes the wearer stand out. Moreover, the kind of jewelry you wear is an exhibition of your wealth.

A Symbol of My Beliefs

Many religions have ornaments and jewelry to symbolize their beliefs. Someone who practices a specific religion may find that a particular jewelry may ward off evil spirits. The tradition of wearing jewelry because of religious significance also depends on the custom of the community involved.

While others don’t practice the wearing of jewelry, most religious denominations use such jewelry as a symbol to signify something valuable. These religious beliefs firmly connect wearing a piece of jewelry to their teachings and traditions.

The Meaning You Give To What You Wear

Other people wear jewelry for a purpose that only they can give. Even some people place deeper meaning and symbolism on the jewelry they wear. Moreover, it is not shocking to wear jewelry because it has an intimate and personal sense to them.

A piece of jewelry may remind the person wearing of a loved one, a special memory or experience or a significant something in their life. Also, dressed in a distinctive jewelry may provide assurance or guidance to a person. Moreover, some pieces of jewelry exude a sense of security to the wearer.

In some instances also, wearing jewelry can help someone go through hard times or help a person remember something. Some jewelry pieces also address a message that can encourage the wearer.

Wedding rings

Weddings are probably one of the events where the use of jewelry encompasses all four aspects we mentioned earlier.

Today, wedding rings are part of a billion dollar industry that profits from people’s sentiments of love. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint when and how this age-old tradition started. For thousands of years and in various cultures, the ring has become symbolic of eternity, signifying a never-ending love.

In wedding rites, couples exchange rings, which are a sign of their love and fidelity for their partner. For some, it represents the commitment and love a person has for his or her spouse. For others, it signifies their belief in a holy matrimony, while for some, it shows power and their status in life, more than anything else.


Since the beginning of time, people wear different kinds of jewelry. From the most uniquely made designs to the simplest ones, it has always been a custom to wear jewelry. There may be various types of jewelry and materials used to make it. Moreover, jewelry can be very expensive or cheap depending on the materials used.

Often, people associate jewelry with a person’s status, wealth, and beliefs. Wearing jewelry can also help a person express his or her love, commitment, and even fashion sense to show who he or she truly is. Whatever may be your reason for wearing jewelry, what’s important is that you get the best value for your money.

The cost of such jewelry you bought or made custom positively reflects the reason for buying or getting it done. How costly or cheap it may be, the value and significance you place in your jewelry are the real meaning that reflects in the way you wear it.

Author Bio: Jenny Park studied Fashion Designing when she was still in college, and she managed to make her dream of becoming a fashion designer come true. Now, she works for different celebrities, and she travels the whole world to be updated in the newest fashion trends. Apart from what most people know, she also writes articles as writing has a special place in her heart. She writes whatever she discovers when she travels.

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