Guest Post: Useful Fashion and Clothing Tips for Stylish Men


Clothing determines your image and represents different aspects of who you are, ranging from your career to personality. It is important for any man who wants to be fashionably stylish to select the right type of clothing and accessories. Regardless of what your profession or dress code may be, good clothing is important for everyone.

Fit is Essential

Among the essential changes that you can make in your personal style is ensuring that all your clothes fit properly. Many people wear clothes that are too large or too small. Any item that you wear should ideally conform to your physique without being too snug. Well-fitted clothes introduce you as a person who takes care of his appearance.

Simple and Classic

While you may want your wardrobe to be fashionable and trendy, avoid overdoing it or being excessive with your fashion choices. Simple and classic looks are the best choices. Maintaining a stylish and simple appearance requires essential items such as blazers, well-fitting suits, dark denim and a stylish watch.


The right footwear is a vital aspect of dressing well. Many people observe the type of shoes you wear and even if you have the perfect suit on, worn-out or ill-fitting shoes will ruin your look. Proper footwear is always a worthwhile investment that guarantees comfort and quality. A high-quality pair of shoes will look good and last for years to come.

Proper Maintenance

If you are on a tight budget, you can keep your clothes looking good for longer by making sure that you take proper care of them. Investing in quality items may be a bigger expense but it is worth paying more for clothes and shoes that will not fall apart as soon as you take them home.

Taking care of your items involves keeping them clean and storing them appropriately. You can also keep your clothes looking fashionable by adjusting them for a better fit. Proper maintenance will ensure that your clothing lasts for as long as possible. Find out more about Under Armour here.

Invest in a Suit

Whether you have a job that has a specified dress code or a career that does not restrict your clothing choices, every stylish man needs a proper suit. If you are expected to wear a suit on a regular basis, shop around for various cuts, styles and colors.

On the other hand, if you only wear suits occasionally, a high-quality and well-cut suit that features a neutral shade such as dark gray is ideal. Getting a suit off the rack does not guarantee that its measurements will provide the right fit. A qualified tailor will be able to make adjustments that will create the perfect fit.

Jeans and Trousers

Jeans or denim is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs. A simple pair of fitted and dark jeans will always be timeless. Jeans are versatile and can be combined with other items that range from t-shirts to blazers. Aside from jeans, you need trousers that you can wear during formal occasions. The right pair of trousers drapes over your legs and can be combined with different shirts and coats.

Bio Frank Walter is a stylist and fashion consultant. He has worked with various clients for the past 8 years and is enthusiastic about helping people look their best.  He enjoys researching on the latest fashion trends. Read about under armour here.

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