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We tend to talk about the bride all the time, but the groom is just as important on the big day as anyone! You want to make sure your man looks and feels his best on his wedding day and shows off her own personal style. The wedding day is a great excuse to buy him a new tux or suit that he can wear again in the near future.

A well-fitted suit, tux, or vest is important so make sure it’s tailored to fit perfectly and don’t forget to make sure it fits prior to the wedding day! Paired with cufflinks and second hand rolex watches your groom will be looking sharp on his big day. If you want the groomsmen to match the groom have them buy their own suit and gift them a tie to wear the day of. Wondering what color tie or shirt will match their suit or tux? Make sure you check out what do men wear to weddings! A great resource for finding the perfect suit for your wedding venue and which colors work best with groom attire.

What if your groom doesn’t wear suits or won’t need a tux in the near future? Have the guys rent a suit or tux and have them try it on when they pick-up in case you need a different size. You don’t want to worry about someone’s pants or jacket not fitting on the wedding day.

Tux {with/without cumber-bun}



Wool Suit

new_27_610_2438_432tan suit fall wedding

Vintage/Hipster Look


Twill Suit

twill suit

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