Awesome Advice For Every Bride-to-Be

Starting the wedding planning process can feel like walking into the unknown. When you don’t know where to begin with wedding planning, you might feel as though the whole thing is too much for you to handle. Well, it isn’t. Remember, millions of people get married every year, and they seem to do just fine. You can plan an amazing wedding. You are capable. Having some handy advice before your big day will help you know what you want out of your wedding. You should take the time to research weddings and enjoy the planning process. Here is some awesome advice for every bride-to-be.


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Ask a friend to take ‘behind the scenes’ photographs

You will want to get a professional photographer for your big day, and you should. You will treasure and adore those professional wedding photos for years to come. Aside from that, though, you will want some natural photographs of the day itself. Ask your best friend to take some sneaky photos of you getting ready and behind the scenes moments before you walk down the aisle. Having staged photographs of the big day makes the wedding looks idyllic, but you will want some realistic poses too.

If you can get free stuff for your wedding, take it

Weddings are expensive. You will spend loads of money on your big day. If you can get anything for free, you should take it. Many brides shy away from getting free stuff for their wedding. They think that getting anything for free will make their wedding cheap. It won’t. You are already spending loads of cash on your wedding day. If you can get some free wedding invitations in the bargain, you should take them.

Write love letters in the lead up to your wedding

It is traditional for couples to spend some time apart in the lead up to their wedding day. You should spend a few weeks living away from one another before you get married. During that time, keep things romantic and fresh by writing each other constant love letters. Forget calling and texting one another. Love letters are a classic. When you finally see your husband-to-be on your wedding day, you will feel a surge of love for him. Knowing that you can cope when you’re apart is important, and it means that you will value the times that you are together.

Make sure that your speeches aren’t cheesy

One thing that can ruin a wedding day is a cheesy speech. When you and your future husband are writing your speeches, you should make sure that you avoid cliches or sappy stories. Instead, try and make your speeches a little comical. Your guests will love it if they find your speech funny, and it will save you the embarrassment of reading an over the top speech.

Make a wedding playlist

Create a playlist of your favorite music for the big day. Of course, you will have a band or a DJ for the reception, but you should make a special playlist to listen to while you’re getting ready. Make every moment of your wedding day count. Invite your bridesmaids over to your home to get dressed with you. You can have a mini-party while you’re getting ready by listening to all your favorite songs. Enjoying the lead up to your wedding ceremony is vital. In the last couple of hours before the ceremony, many brides tend to get nervous. Enjoying that time will mean that you’re having too much fun to get nervous.

Take a few moments with your husband on the big day

When your wedding day finally comes, it will go super fast. Every moment of your wedding day will be amazing, but you need to make the most of the time you have. Remember, your wedding is about you and your husband-to-be. Make sure that the two of you get a few moments alone during the event. When you get married, everybody wants to talk to you and wish you well. When you are at the reception, take your new husband outside and have some time together.

Plan past the wedding day

When people are getting married, the wedding day tends to be all they think about for months. Remember, your life will go on after the day itself. You need to plan how you and your husband-to-be are going to live after the wedding. If you live apart, you will have to decide where to live, for example. Making sure that you have all the arrangements in place means that you can start your married life together straight away. You should never avoid having serious conversations about your future. You are going to share your life with this man, and so you need to make sure that the two of you are compatible.

Choose a location that is special to you

When you’re choosing a location for your wedding, you need to make sure that the place is special to you and your husband. Is there a particular destination you both adore? You might want to have a wedding in your home own or the place where the two of you met. Make sure you think about how convenient the wedding location is for your friends and family. You want to make sure that everybody can reach your destination. That means that you need to choose a place where everybody can commute to with little trouble.

Keep the guest list small and exclusive

When you decide to get married, you might feel as though you should invite everybody you know to your wedding. Don’t make that mistake. Inviting loads of people to your wedding means the day will be more expensive and less special than it should be. The people who you choose to spend your wedding day with should be your closest friends and family. Don’t invite people to your wedding because you think that you should. Invite people to your wedding because you want to share the day with them. Keep the guest list small and invite people you truly care about.

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