7 Activities To Do When Traveling In Africa

Africa is in fact the second largest continent in the world. It consists of 54 countries and innumerable diverse landscapes and multitudes of distinctive ethnic groups. So, it is nearly impossible to pick up a list of top 7 activities to do in Africa.

But nevertheless here are few of the most iconic activities for your vacation in Africa.

Go on an African Safari

In Swahili, the word ‘safari’ means ‘journey. Suitably, visiting the wildlife safari is one of the main reasons why people travel to Africa. The southern and the eastern part of Africa is one of the popular sites for safaris. One can do activities like track endangered species of mountain gorillas, all the way through the rainforests of Rwanda and Uganda. But in case you want to keep things affordable, you could book a self drive safari in South Africa or you could take on a Namibian road trip.

Relax on a Beach

The resorts in North Africa have always attracted the sun seekers to its shores. The east coast of Africa offers all its beach lovers everything right from budget huts to the ultra luxurious hotels and resorts in the private islands in the Seychelles. One could also visit the leading Swakopmund hotel, which is situated on the coastline of Namibia between the shores of the Atlantic and the Namib Desert. This state of the art conference centre offers stylish, modern and luxurious facilities. The west coast of Africa is lined up with miles of palm fringed beaches. At times because of the current, swimming could be a little challenging but it is fantastic for surfing. In South Africa one could also bump into some penguins on the beach or could even dive with some great white sharks.

Go for a hike on the mountain

Africa provides amazing trekking and hiking opportunities for mountain enthusiasts. A few of the top choices are Mount Kilimanjaro, Atlas Mountain and Mount Kenya. But if you would want to go for a half day hike or choose a longer multi day trek, South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains are the best. If you don’t have the urge to climb a mountain one could always go for a walk as there are many famous walking safaris in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

Explore Africa on Two Wheels

For all those out there who love challenges, the best way to explore the continent of Africa is on a two wheeler. Riding a two wheeler will put you in direct contact with the landscapes, the people and wildlife that will makes your trip very special. If you want to feel the thrill of a cross continent cycling adventure or a calmer excitement of about half a day spend in Cape Town, there is an African bike tour that would be perfect for you. There are also many motorbike safaris that are available in Tanzania and the South African coast.

Be Adventurous!

You will find high octane adventure in every corner of Africa. One of the main tourist’s attractions in Africa is the Victoria Falls which is the world’s largest waterfall, where one could do bungee jumping off a bridge, swim right up to the edge of the waterfall or you could go white water rafting. Namibia is very famous for its 4×4 adventures and sand boarding while Senegal is branded for its legendary surf spots. You could also go scuba diving along the WWII wrecks in the Red Sea or else you could snorkel along the world’s largest fish which is in Madagascar.

Shop in the Local Bazaars and Markets

On of the best ways to have a look at the work of the local artisans and to get an authentic insight into the country’s food and culture is to visit the local bazaars and markets. These places will also provide you plenty of opportunities to take some good photographs. You can practice on your bargaining skills as well as stock up on some lovely souvenirs. The bright side is that shopping from these local bazaars and markets you will also be helping out the local economy.

Take on a culinary tour

This is the best part of all! Culinary tours will present you with some tasty combination of Africa’s history and culture. In Africa, most of the tour centers are in and around South Africa and Morocco, which is considered to be two of the finest cuisines in the world. Most of the culinary tours involve shopping for the local ingredients, learning local recipes, a fair amount of wine tasting and dining in one of the finest restraints of Africa etc. It does not matter what country to decide to visit, make sure to try out their local delicacies. Right from mopane worms in Botswana to the gemsbok steaks in Namibia some of the dishes in Africa are more weird than fantastic while the other is downright delicious!

Photo courtesy of primeugandasafaris.com

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