How to Start Walking With Your Baby

An excellent way to bond with your baby is by taking a walk outside the house. It helps exposes your baby to the beautiful surroundings of what your neighborhood has to offer. Plus, it also helps restore your energy and physic fitness to how it was before the pregnancy. But how can you begin walking your baby after the pregnancy?

Read on as I’ll be showing you some tips to follow.

Here are several factors and tips to help you when bringing your baby outdoors:

Getting a Good Stroller

The first thing to consider would be to get an efficient baby stroller to transport and bring your baby to the neighborhood. After all, carrying him the whole time will get tiring!

I recommend you to get a walking or jogging stroller, which has the safety features you need, such as a deep seat and seatbelt. It should also have a locking brake, wrist straps, and a sunshade to protect your baby from the rays of the sun. And of course, it should have space for supplies and the strength to carry your baby’s weight and items.

If you’re still unsure of what to get, then you can check this Babylic guide on stroller for more details and information to help you decide on what to get.

Where to Walk

Of course, the first place to walk with your little one is around the neighborhood! But you should also watch out for paths to avoid when walking with a stroller. Do not go through gravel or rough roads, as the vibration and bumping aren’t only suitable for the strollers and your wrists, but for the baby as well! Always make a path that has sidewalk and asphalt. You can also opt to go to parks with a paved path and see the beautiful greens.

Bringing Supplies

Always pack water for you and your baby, as well as a small kit in case he needs a diaper change. Once your baby grows older and the walks become longer, you can start bringing snacks and toys for them to stay entertained. Bringing a simple first aid kit and other important things (your phone, wallet, and keys) are crucial as well.

How Long Should You Walk For?

If you plan on losing weight and getting fit, then I recommend that you start brisk walking with your baby for about half an hour per day. If you can’t brisk walk straight for that long, you can break it into three sessions. For weight loss and a significant calorie burn, opt for up to one hour straight every day.

What Shoes to Use

Pregnancy may have caused a few changes in the feet. Because of this, you’ll want to have your feet checked for the proper size. Opt to get comfortable walking shoes with memory foam and excellent support to avoid injuries and promote comfort the whole time.


Take note of your posture as well, as walking with a stroller can lead to a weak position, with your back always slightly bent and shoulders arched. Maintain the proper walking posture, with your back straight and without leaning forward or backward. Walk with pride and avoid straining those legs.

Go Out With Others

It might get lonely when you’re just with your little one! Opt to go with your partner or parents for quality time as a family. Or you can have play dates with fellow mothers to interact and for your babies to make new friends.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! Through this guide on walking with your baby, you’ll now know how to introduce your baby to the outdoors safely while you get your needed exercise. As long as you have a practical stroller with you, both mom and baby can enjoy!

I hope that this article on walking with your baby helped. So don’t wait any longer and begin prepping a quick walk around the neighborhood with your little one today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with walking your baby, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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