Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Photo Booth

Most people love taking photographs, more so, with the introduction of high-end cameras and smartphones. A click on special occasions not only makes those special moments last for years to come, those photos make you relive the moment once again for a happy life.

Only a few things can give you the same joy and happiness of looking at the old-fashioned photo albums with your loved ones. Oftentimes, people might find it hard to communicate with others when it’s a big group of people, photo booths breaks down the communication barrier when you line up to take pictures. Most photo booths service providers, like Kande Photo Booths, equip them with professional photographic equipment.

Hiring the best photo booths for your special occasions

You’ll miss out on capturing the unexpected funny moments when you don’t hire a good photo booth. Photo booths can be categorized into two different types based on its setup – enclosed and open. Furthermore, they can be subcategorized depending on their functionality and style.

Enclosed photo booths for a better privacy

Enclosed photo booths come with walls, panels, curtains, or a combination of these to ensure you don’t to go through the prying eyes while you pose. They come in different sizes to accommodate couples or a group of all your friends up to 16 members at a given time. Enclosed photo booths come with a variety of material to construct them from steel cabinets to cubicle style walling.

Most small enclosed photo booths have a bench seat for you to sit and take pictures while the larger ones enable you to stand. Enclosed photo booths are ideal if you wish to have privacy while taking a snap of you and your loved ones. You don’t someone watching you when you practice the wired faces you wish to capture with the specially props.

Open photo booths for limitless customization

Open photo booths are open for just about anybody to see, which is contrary to the enclosed ones. However, open photo booths come in a variety of sizes and shapes like the enclosed ones. Open photo booths might not be ideal if you wish to have some privacy while taking your pictures.

You must be aware of the ambience when you choose open photo booths, some occasions and places might be ideal for the open booth’s lighting, potential flashes, and noises. It’s recommended that you’re mindful of the surrounding and occasion before hiring an open photo booth for your marriage and birthday parties.

Care for a few considerations before hiring a photo booth

You might not be when the photo booths aren’t able to accommodate your small group of friends, it’s suggested that you look at the size of your photo booth before choosing one. Most people might suggest you for the bigger ones which can fit almost all of your close friends with ease. These big ones might not be able to fit in smaller venues, bigger isn’t always a better choice.

Choose a photo booth that can fit in your venue just right with all the props and album setup with much ease in the floor space. Comparing different photo strips might come in handy to choose between bigger and smaller photo booths. Smaller photo booths are ideal for capturing the minutest of facial expressions of your friends and family.

Photo booths print size and copies it provides

Photo strips come in different sizes ranging from 2 × 6 inches, which is the most common size with four individual frames making a photo strip. Some photo booths print only three frames, while other can print up to six frames printed in a single 4 × 6 inches photo. You must be mindful for what you wish for and how the end product might appear.

Most photo booths charge for the copies you take, while some photo booths charge only for the photo booths rental. When you take a photo in the photo booths there are two copies of every photo strip – one for you and one for the hirer. Make sure what you pay for while hiring a photo booth, some machines cut the strips automatically while some require an attendant to get the job done.

Share your stunning photos on the social media platforms

Some advanced Kande photo booths enable you to share the photos instantly on the social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You can send them to your personal emails with much ease with the advanced photo booths. You might not be able to get these benefits in the old-fashioned photo booths, make sure you check all these features before choosing one.

The choice of photo booths for every occasion

Photo booths are not a go-to option for every occasion and venue, most photo booths require power supply all through the day. You might not be able to set up a photo booth in a local park, small spaces, it’s recommended that you consider the location before hiring a photo booth.

The aforementioned guide will help you choose the best photo booth for different occasions, like corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, school formal, and much more. You must consider the cost of the photo booths with the aforementioned criteria to choose your photo booths to capture the special moments for decades to come.

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