Guest Post: Jobs for work-at-home moms!

As a spinster, mostly women work in their favorite field but once marriage is done and has been promoted as a mom, then it makes it a difficult time for the moms to leave their children and go to work. Most moms love to be at home taking care of their children without any caregivers. Understanding this, corporate thinking has changed drastically and offer various work from home jobs for moms according to their skill set. Some of it may need a specialized degree or work experience in such field.

Thus all the following jobs allow the moms at home to work from home.


This job can be opted by people for solving design challenges and finally improve the products. The expected trait will not only be user design and visual communication but also good communication.


A variety of legal requirements is to be overseen in this job. Legal experience is needed. On the order of General Counsel, the assistant is expected to conduct meetings, fulfill legal assignments, drafting, and negotiating with contractors. This can be done through skype or phone.


Learning is done by all people irrespective of the place of learning. Education may be done from any part of the world like working from home or learning online. Various topics such as ad trigonometry, calculus, and trigonometry are taught by maths tuition singapore. In order to become a tutor, home tutor, bachelor degree is must with teaching experience and license.


One needs a minimum of 5 years of experience to have it as work from home. This position wants the personnel to aid with solutions which support visual standards, interaction patterns, reviewing designs and documenting front-end technical specifications, etc.


The job is to improve the relevancy of the newsfeed for a social media client. Outstanding work will always lead to more social media projects. Good practice in the social media and access to various information as well as strong communication skills with a high-speed internet are needed when taking this job.


These jobs are flexible to the extent of providing flexible schedules, seasonal arrangements, etc. Good communication is required to work in this category.


If the person knows more languages deeply, she can opt for this job. Using this bilingual skill, translators shall be hired by various industries for support through the telephone. Flexibility with schedules is also allowed in this case.


Telephonic interviewers conduct various interviews with the concerned people regarding research needs or range of surveys. This job also offers flexible timings.


This is an awesome job for those who have good knowledge on various topics. This also provides flexible schedules. Writers can also create their own blogs, contents, articles, for any kind of organizations.


The main work of a transcriptionist is to transcribe the audio files into documents. This job is available from all departments such as healthcare, legal, etc.

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