Guest Post: How to Pack for A Hectic Business Trip and Unwind In TranquilTadoba Accommodation

The key to packing well for a business trip is planning for every exigency that you can think of. When you have a simple but carefully thought out packing plan, you can be sure that you will be able to handle whatever surprises that your trip may throw at you. Sure, it can be really tough to make up your mind what is essential for the trip and what can be safely left behind. Some handy tips:

Select Your Attire

One of the most important components of your packing list is your attire. To make a sensible choice, you will first need to figure out the trip’s dress code, and whether you have a multitude of occasions of the same type such as formal meetings or you need to participate in events that require a more versatile wardrobe. The other important aspects that will dictate the selection of your clothes are the duration of the trip and the weather at the place you are visiting.

If you want your packing to be lean and mean then you need to find answers to these well before you start packing because you should only pack what you are likely to need. For example, if you are only dashing in to attend a series of formal meetings or presentations over a couple of days, then you can safely pack only formals.However, if you are planning to entertain your clients in the evening or enjoy the nightlife with your colleagues at the local office, then you must include some appropriate casuals. Try to take clothes that stay wrinkle-free because then you don’t need to bother about asking for ironing boards and wielding the elbow.

Get Organized With the Work-Related Stuff

Now that you have planned out your wardrobe, it time you started organizing the items that are work related. Apart from your laptop and charger, restrict printed matter to only what will be essential. If your local office or even the hotel has printing facilities, don’t bother with carrying the documents with you all the way. Remember to include enough business cards, pens, and a notebook that will allow you to take notes on the fly.

Prioritize Your Electronics

Even though your home and office may be littered with devices and gadgets, you need to perhaps limit yourself to only your laptop, and the phone, or if you are really fond of reading, an e-book reader or tablet. Remember to also include the chargers; otherwise, you could be really in trouble. A pair of earphones is mandatory if you want to relax by listening to music on long flights or commutes. Remember to pack a paperback, because taking a break from electronic screenscan really refresh your eyes. If the mains power is of a different voltage in the country you are visiting, do not forget to carry a power adapter as well as a converter that will let you plug into the mains outlet for recharging your devices. Remember, all hotels in Tadoba have the power supply at 220V so never try to plug in your devices directly to avoid them getting fried.

Vital To Check and Recheck the Packing

One can understand that you may be feeling really rushed at the office the day before your departure because you need to finish off a lot many things so that your desk can be on autopilot until your return. However, you can save yourself from a lot of grief by checking out your packing list even though you may be certain that you have packed everything. Invariably, you will discover a few things that you had been deferring to the last because you were using them but thereafter forgotten. Double check your work stuff and also confirm that you have put in your toothbrush in the toilet kit and the charger lying on your desk after charging your phone. In fact, if you are a frequent traveler, it is a good idea to have a set of these essentials duplicated so that you can head for the airport even at very short notice.


Once you think you are ready to roll, take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes. Step ahead confident in the knowledge that you are really as organized as you can be. Get to the airport with time to spare, have a cup of coffee, and read a book and try not to stress about the days ahead.

Author bio: Bill Williams is a senior manager working with a large consumer good company that has a global footprint. Even though he undertakes a lot of business travel, he makes it a point to take breaks frequently for nature and wildlife studies. A prolific writer on travel issues, his review of hotels in Tadoba published in a leading online travel journal has been received well.

Photo courtesy of Cruise Critic.

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