How to Buy Perfume for Your Partner

Perfume is something that huge numbers of women love to wear, as it makes them not only feel more confident but also enables them to wear their favourite fragrances. The choice of perfume options available these days is huge with perfumes available for every occasion, every taste, and every budget. Of course, not all women will like all fragrances, which is why it is vital for any man who is planning to buy perfume for their partner to take a number of key factors into consideration. In fact, there are a number of different things that you should take into account when you are planning to buy perfume for your partner. This will help to ensure that you purchase the perfect fragrance for her needs and preferences. While you may not think it, purchasing perfume can require a lot of thought if you want to make the right choice when buying a gift for a loved one. This is why some careful forward planning and thought can go such a long way.

Tips to help you make the right choice

Perfume is a hugely popular choice of gift from men to women and is purchased for all sorts of occasions. Millions of men buy perfume for their partners on occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and, of course, St. Valentine’s Day. You may even be thinking of simply surprising your partner with some perfume even if there is no special occasion to celebrate. Whatever the reason behind making this purchase, make sure you take these factors into consideration to help make the purchasing process easier:

  • Cost and budget: One thing that you need to take into consideration when purchasing perfume for your partner is your budget. The cost of high quality and designer perfumes can be high, so make sure you do your research to ensure that you can comfortably afford the purchase. Even with the wide range of quality designer perfumes on the market, you can get some great deals if you look around. For example, specialist retailer FragranceX offers some excellent deals on designer perfume brands for all occasions. You will find an outstanding choice of perfume brands here including Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren. In addition, heading to sites such as VoucherBin will enable you to cut the cost of quality fragrances even further so you benefit from more choice and better value.
  • The occasion: Another thing that you will need to consider is the occasion. For instance, if you are purchasing the perfume for an occasion such as Christmas you could opt for something that is glamorous and bold to reflect the occasion. However, if you are buying for Valentine’s Day you may want to opt for something more romantic such as floral scents that will reflect the romance of the occasion.
  • Where will the perfume be worn: Women tend to wear different types of perfume based on where they are going. It is therefore a good idea to try and determine where they want to wear the fragrance. Your partner may be looking for a perfume that she can wear on special occasions to places such as parties or on nights out, in which case something quite sensuous and bold could be ideal. On the other hand, she may want something that she can wear on a daily basis to work in which case you should go for something more subtle.
  • Her preferences: Of course, a key consideration that will be involved in choosing the right perfume for your partner is her own personal preference. Women have different tastes when it comes to perfume so in order to make the right choice you should make sure you familiarise yourself with what she likes. Take a look at what she already has in her perfume collection so that you are better informed to make your choice.
  • Her age: Age is another factor that needs to be considered when you are purchasing perfume for your partner. Like clothing, the type of fragrance that is suited to different ages can vary. For younger women, bolder and more intense fragrances may be fine but if you are buying for an older woman you may find that more subtle fragrances such as fruity or floral ones are going to be the ideal choice.

Also, make sure you remember that the intensity of the fragrance can vary based on the type of perfume you opt for. The strongest concentration of essential oils can be found in Eau de parfum, so this will be the strongest. The next one along is Eau de toilette, which has a slightly lower concentration and will therefore be more subtle. Even lower concentrations can be found in Eau de cologne, so this is perfect for those looking for a subtle fragrance.

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