5 Gorgeous Bedding Styles for Your Wedding Night

For every couple ‘the wedding day’ is a very important day of their life. It has to be picture perfect.  No mistakes are allowed, whatsoever. At many times it is more important to the bride that her wedding day is flawless and grand.

From the bridal shower to the reception everything should be organized and marvelous.  It is both the groom’s and bride’s duty to make the wedding a hit but when it comes to the wedding night the responsibility falls to the groom. He must make the bedding style wonderful and splendid. The wedding marks the start of a whole new era; everything changes after marriage. One must put a lot of effort in this event. Creating the perfect mood is very essential. Many people do not concentrate on this part of the wedding.

They focus all their energy on the reception.  What they fail to understand is that wedding night is as important as the wedding itself and at times even more important. It should be romantic, decent and special.  How to make your wedding night more special? Do not worry we have incredible ideas for your wedding night’s bed.

Abundance of CANDLES


One can never go wrong with candles. They give out romantic yet decent vibes at the same time. Scented candles are always a plus one. Fill the room with various types and flavors of scented candles.  In order to enjoy your wedding night the right mood must be set. Dimming the light in the bedroom is always a good idea. What better way to do that with candles.



If your wife appreciates grand gestures then this is perfect for her.  Fill the room with her favorite flowers. Every single thing should be colored coded like pick any two colors and decorate your room in those colors. Bed sheets, curtains, lamps and any other furniture must be arranged according to your chosen color scheme. For more bed sheet suggestions, visit mybedcomforter.com



If your significant other enjoys and adores balloons then your problem is solved. Balloons and loud beautifications go really well together. At times it can be super exclusive and impressive. Just fill the room with balloons preferably Red ones as it makes it more romantic. You can either fill your roof with balloons or the ground she will walk on.



If your spouse loves chocolates then you must I repeat must fill the room with chocolates. Add various goodie bags in the room for her to find and enjoy. You can also add champagne in those bags or baskets as both chocolates and champagne are guilty pleasures of many.



Roses are ultimately the perfect fit for your wedding night. All you need to do is be creative and unique. There are many ideas; write a romantic message using roses, make a path for her with roses or decorate the bed using roses and different decorative stuff. What stuff you ask? Well you can ask the hotel management to make ducks or other animals which symbolizes love using pillows, bed covers and handkerchiefs.  The main point here is to concentrate on the bed not the ambiance.

At the end of the day whatever you do, do with your heart.

julie-austinAuthor Bio: This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blog at http://mybedcomforter.com/

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