Guest Post: Getting the most out of Home Health care for the Elderly


With the recent increase in the living standards, the life expectancy has gone up by a significant figure. This implies that people are more likely to live longer. The population of the elderly, which starts from age 65 will consequently be higher. The challenges that come with ageing increase dependency on the active and working population. These are our elderly parents, spouses or even friends that rely on us for support.

Do you have an elderly person who needs Medicare? Health complications are commonly experienced by the ageing population. Such complications include regular illnesses and injuries. Providing health care can prove to be inconvenient since you have to deal with your personal daily businesses. The remaining applicable remedy is to purchase home health care services to ensure that the patient takes the prescribed medication on time and is helped to carry out their daily activities like eating.

Ensure Credibility

There are many agencies and individuals that can provide these services. However, before considering any Medicare provider, it is crucially important to do a research on the required standards and what to expect. Having sufficient information beforehand is key for making the best choice. You should also know exactly what the patient needs. For example, the patient might require assistance to use the wheelchair or get out of bed.

To know exactly what you need, it is important that you get a deeper insight in what home health care entails. Unlike home care that majorly deals with housekeeping services, home health care is meant to provide Medicare. In some cases however, the health care involves light housekeeping services like monitoring the diet, companionship and other house chores. The major services are therapy: physical therapy, occupational therapy and skilled nursing.

Customized Services

Personalized home health care is more desirable since the Medicare provider is able to concentrate on the needs of the patient. This way, customised services can be provided to achieve the ultimate goal of recovering from injuries and illness. Just like the way you look up a product on the web before purchasing, you should research on the Medicare provider in detail before allowing them to spend time with your loved ones.


There are home health care agencies and individuals who provide these services. The individuals and the employees in these agencies are always include practising nurses, home aides, or therapists with current licenses and clean records of medical practice. When considering an individual, it is important to list down the needs of the patient before conducting an interview to know if they are able to meet all the needs. They should be professional with no criminal records.

On the other hand, when considering the respective agencies that provide home health care, the first thing to do is checking with the relevant authorities if the services they provide are certified. The agency should provide the method it uses in screening its employees, and train its caregivers. An agency with experience in the Medicare provision should have an upper hand. It is also important to get the physical address of the agency in case of emergencies.

Bio Michael Zane is an experienced nurse, having worked in one of the top hospitals in the USA. He has specialised in providing personalized home health care to the elderly. He is passionate about sharing his experiences and helping you choose the best Medicare provider. Click here for more.

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